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Are you wondering what the best indoor cats are?

While all cats can be happy indoor cats, some breeds are definitely more suitable for living inside than outside.

So, let’s see some adorable cat breeds that are perfect for apartment dwellers.

7 Best Indoor Cats

While people still debate indoor vs. outdoor cats, the truth is that some places are too dangerous for a cat to live outside.

Heavy traffic, predators, or people with bad intentions—all these might make you consider getting an indoor cat.

To help you, I’ve selected cats that prefer the comfort of the home to adventure outside.

They’re laid-back, mellow, and moderately active. Moreover, they have higher chances of surviving inside than outside.

But enough talking. Let’s see some cute and adorable cats that make excellent indoor pets.

#1 Sphynx

sphynx with wide eyes and ears

While you might have trouble naming some cat breeds, you can’t mistake the bald Sphynx for another cat.

These exotic cats might look strange, but they’re as loving, charming, and demanding as other hairy cats.

Since Sphynx cats don’t have any fur on their bodies, they aren’t going to survive if you leave them outside.

In winter, this hairless cat gets cold easily and requires a sweater or two to keep them warm, even in the house. Outside, they don’t stand a chance during the winter.

Moreover, in summer, Sphynx cats get sunburn because their skin is sensitive and doesn’t have fur to protect it.

So, you need to apply sunscreen whenever your Sphynx decides to sunbathe in the house.

Besides lack of fur, Sphynx cats should be kept indoors because they’re very likely to get stolen.

Take them for supervised walks on a leash and always remember to keep them well-dressed.

While Sphynx cats are suitable for apartments because they’re cat breeds that dont shed much, their coats require a lot of care.

Be prepared to apply moisturizing lotions often and bathe your Sphynx weekly.

#2 Scottish Fold

black scottish fold cat

The cute Scottish Fold is another very recognizable breed due to the shape of their ears.

These cats are also famous for their tendency to pose in hilarious positions and their need for human attention.

The Scottish Fold makes an excellent indoor cat and one of the best cats for apartments because they’re moderately active, mellow, and affectionate.

They’re very smart and enjoy puzzles and interactive games.

However, these cuties don’t do well on their own and prefer to have another cat for a company when you aren’t there to pay them attention.

They might get destructive or aggressive if you ignore them for too long, so they’re not the best cat for first-time owners.

Moreover, Scottish Folds won’t do very well outside because their ears require frequent cleaning.

Since Scottish Folds are rare, some suffer from health issues due to faulty breeding. As such, they’re best kept inside.

#3 Munchkin

tuxedo munchkin cat breed

Munchkin kitties are one of the most adorable cat breeds, with their short legs and expressive faces.

Despite their dwarfish look, these cats are energetic, playful, and outgoing.

The Munchkin thrives on human attention and is miserable when you leave them alone for long.

They make excellent companion cats and are so intelligent that they’ll keep you on your toes.

However, while Munchkins are faster than they appear to be, they aren’t as good climbers or runners as other cat breeds.

That reduces their chances of survival outside if a predator corners them.

Moreover, Munchkin’s genetic mutation might lead to bone deformities.

#4 Ragdoll

ragdoll cat breed

When you’re looking for the best indoor cat for apartments, you can’t go wrong with a Ragdoll.

These large and affectionate cats are some of the calmest felines in the world. They love to be carried around and usually go limp as soon as you pick them up.

Unlike other cat breeds, the Ragdoll isn’t adventurous and prefers to stay at home.

These cats won’t miss being outside as long as they have a lap to snuggle in.

Moreover, Ragdolls are such beautiful cats that they might get stolen if left unsupervised.

On the bright side, Ragdolls are one of the most intelligent cats, and they love to walk on a leash.

They will also come when you call, instead of completely ignoring you. That’s why some people say that they are cats that are like dogs behaving.

#5 Persian

persian cat playing

Do you know that people often call the Persian a fluffy piece of furniture?

That’s because the cute Persian is one of the laziest and most-laid back breeds in the world.

Instead of investigating what’s inside your closets and cupboards, the Persian prefers to sleep on the couch.

They have such a mellow and passive disposition that people often consider them dumb.

This fluffy cat breed is also playful but rarely overly energetic or demanding, and that’s what makes it the best indoor cat breed.

Some owners often have to find creative ways to make their Persian more active and avoid obesity.

Besides their lazy nature, Persians aren’t very suitable for the outdoors because of their fluffiness.

Their coats are prone to mating and require a lot of care to keep them in perfect condition. Rolling in the dirt outside just means more work for you when your Persian comes home.

#6 Burmese

Burmese cat breed

What makes Burmese excellent indoor cats is their affectionate nature and laid-back temperament.

Expect the Burmese to be part of everything you do and will demand to snuggle under the covers.

Burmese are also highly intelligent creatures and can learn different tricks, including fetch.

Besides their charming personality, the Burmese get along with everybody, including children and cat-friendly dogs. As such, they make an excellent choice for a family with kids.

However, Burmese are highly sociable cats, and they don’t do well when left on their own.

A Burmese allowed to roam is likely to seek another home where people will dote on them.

Furthermore, these cats are too curious for their own good.

If they have access to the outside world, they can get trapped easily. So, you’d better keep them safe inside.

#7 Burmilla

burmilla cat

The last best indoor cat we’re going to talk about is the gentle Burmilla.

These cats are a mix between Burmese and Chinchilla Persian, so they take the best from the two breeds.

As such, Burmilla cats are mellow, affectionate, and playful.

They’re not overly demanding for attention and don’t mind being alone. But they will readily jump into an available lap and snuggle with you.

Besides being quiet and undemanding, the Burmilla is often described as klutz because they tend to break stuff. So, they can get into all sorts of trouble outside.

Burmilla cats are also a rare cat breed and a potential target for thieves.


Don’t think that these indoor cat breeds won’t be tempted to walk through an open door. All cats have a curious streak that gets them often into trouble.

Moreover, a cat in heat will often go looking for a mate. So, secure your balconies, especially if you live in an apartment and spay/neuter your cat to keep your indoor cat safe and sound.

What do you think about these 7 best indoor cats? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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