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With so many great and inspired monikers out there, I’m always surprised when people go with totally mundane or inappropriate cat names.

When it comes to naming a cat, you want to choose something that is unique and will suit their personality completely.

There are often lists for adventurous cats and even ones for those who like to nap all day, but there are some names you shouldn’t call your cat.

This could be for a lot of reasons, such as choosing a name lots of people have already used.

No one likes to be a sheep, especially when there’s the option to be a shepherd!

Of course, the names on this list can still be used, but people often frown against using them nowadays, especially when there are lots of options available.

These are the top 20 names you probably shouldn’t give your cat when you’re trying to find inspiration.

20 Most Inappropriate Cat Names

If you want to avoid being mundane, generic or even downright offensive, skip these top 10 most inappropriate cat names! Check them out!

1. Kitty

The reason why this name is on the list is that it is quite plain and boring. There is no creativity here as it relates directly to the word kitten.

If you want to choose a good name, you can often look for inspiration online, such as with our website. Kitty is just so passe, after all!

2. Tigger

We all used to love watching Winnie the Pooh and seeing Tigger bounce up and down, but it isn’t a great name for a cat.

After all, a cat and a tiger are very different from each other and we can guarantee there are a lot of cats who have been called Tigger already.

If you want a Winnie-inspired name, why not choose one of the lesser-known characters such as Roo, the baby kangaroo?

3. Fluffy

This is a generic name for a cat who is extremely fluffy, and it is quite boring.

The same goes for Fluff or Puffy, which are just synonyms for Fluffy. It is a name which has been used time and time again, so try to choose something more interesting.

4. Mittens

Personally, I’m not a fan of choosing clothing items to name a cat after.

It just doesn’t sound right and while Mittens might sound cute, not everyone will understand it.

In fact, I can’t even remember the last time someone called their cat by this name, which makes me believe it is old fashioned.

5. Tabby

Tabby is a name many have used to describe the cats with the coloring of the same name, but there is nothing different or unique about this.

It’s too easy to name a cat Tabby and is a little generic as well.

If you love the name, why not go with Tabitha (a fab name for black cats, by the way) and nickname her Tabby?

6. Lucky

This name may be slightly more common among dogs than cats, but it is still a name which has been used too many times.

While some people may see cats as lucky for having nine lives, and in some cases they are lucky, it isn’t a great name choice.

7. Max

If we had a dollar for every time someone named their cat or dog Max, we would be extremely rich.

I’m not sure when everyone decided this was a great name or if it was inspired by a famous movie, but it isn’t very creative.

The short name may be popular because it is simple, but we suggest staying away from it.

8. Boots

Similar to Mittens, this is another clothing item which doesn’t make a great name for a cat.

We can understand where the inspiration came from, which is Puss in Boots, but it is a name people shouldn’t use.

After all, you wouldn’t go around naming your cat heels or sneakers, would you?

9. Puss

As mentioned above, Puss in Boots is a character who was made popular in the Shrek franchise, but most people would be mortified if anyone heard them saying this name out loud.

It is another one of those old-fashioned names which have slowly died out.

10. Midnight

When people own a black cat, they immediately go for a name that describes their black fur and sometimes that name is Midnight.

This name, in particular, has often been used in the past, but it is s common and you would be better off choosing something more unique.

For example, why not call a cat after one of the mythological goddesses of the night such as Nyx.

These names are inappropriate in the sense that they’re a little over-used or archaic.

There’s a whole different level of inappropriate, though, and I think we should talk about that quickly!

11. Patches

If you find yourself with a cat that has a different color of fur over one part of its body or several areas that differ from the rest, be sure to avoid making this mistake.

Many people feel that choosing the name Patches for such an animal is cute. However, it’s unoriginal and boring.

12. C-A-T

This name is spelled using CAT. However, to pronounce it, you say each letter individually.

So you have a cat with the name of See-ay-tee. It’s a witty name for tricksters and anyone who enjoys play on words.

13. Dog

Some people exist in the world who name their felines Dog. This act is likely done to be humorous but doesn’t make any sense.

The owners are clearly asking for it, as they will need to explain their choice each time they share the cat’s name.

14. Snow

If you choose to name your new cat Snow, I assume it is white. I also assume you named your new pet Snow because it is “as white as the snow.”

To those who go this route, you could have chosen a million other name options. Also see: Snowball.

15. Purrcy

While I see what you are doing here with the play on the words of purr and the name Percy, it’s not worth it.

Nobody but you and your vet clinic will know about the creative spelling you utilized for this name. It’s better to just go with Percy.

16. Shadow

While we covered Midnight above, another top contender for cats with dark-colored fur is Shadow.

The correlation between the fur’s dark color and the shadow’s darkness leads people to believe that combining the two is a superb choice.

17. Molly

At this point, I feel that the amount of feline Molly’s far exceeds the number of humans that hold the name.

While it was once a top-rated children’s name, it seems to have moved over to the animal world.

If you are considering the name Molly for your new pet, opt for Polly instead.

18. Nala

You have one character in the Lion King with the name Nala and all of a sudden; every child wants their cat to have the same name.

However, it’s safe to say that Nala is not a domesticated pet like your child’s kitten. Therefore, it’s probably best to reconsider.

19. Smokey

Gray cats unite! Although you might not know it, it is entirely possible to own a cat of this color and name them something other than Smokey.

If you really want to choose a name that speaks to its fur coloring, why not choose something like Overcast?

Perhaps you might enjoy Earl Grey instead? I know I do.

20. Callie

It is my firm belief that everyone knows at least one cat with the name Callie.

I’m not sure whether it’s because little kids have an easier time saying it or because people just really love the name.

But you can easily find it on the list of top cat names, and it needs to fall off.

Truly Offensive Cat Names

I’m not going to give you a list of offensive cat names, because there are so many out there. Instead, let’s talk about naming conventions to avoid.

1. Foul language names

Please don’t use “foul” language to name your cat. It’s just so uncouth. Plus, it’s not fair to your vet, who will have to yell out things like “is Shi**y Kitty here?”

I’m sure you can guess what’s behind the stars, it rhymes with “kitty.”

3. Names that demean your cat

I detest when people name their cats something like “Stupid” or “Idiot.” If you think so low of your kitty, then you shouldn’t be a cat owner.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but cats deserve people who love and respect them, not demean them.

3. Racist and derogatory names that demean others

I am disgusted when I see someone using a racist term as a name for a cat.

I can’t even bring myself to type them out, but I’ve heard some despicable names for black cats as well as Siamese cats and others that originated in Asia.

As you can see, there are quite a few names which shouldn’t be used for cats anymore and some that never should have been used in the first place.

Think of this as a kind of “what not to name your cat” guide, and instead choose from one of the million other appropriate names!


While it may seem funny or cute to give your cat an inappropriate name, it’s important to remember that your pet’s name is a reflection of both you and your cat.

Choosing an inappropriate cat name could lead to awkward situations with friends, family, and even your vet.

Additionally, using offensive or derogatory names can be harmful to your cat’s well-being and even your own reputation.

Instead, consider selecting a name that is both unique and appropriate, reflecting your cat’s personality and charm.

A well-chosen name will not only be a source of pride for you, but will also bring joy and companionship to your furry friend for years to come.

Can you think of any other inappropriate cat names? Share below…without being offensive, please.

Inappropriate Cat Names To Make You Laugh
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