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If you’re hunting for some great anime cat names, we’ve got you covered!

Cats are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet, especially kittens, so when you get one, you want to make sure they have the perfect name.

If you happen to be a lover of anime, then you might realize there are some iconic cat characters that can inspire your name choice.

While your cat may not be pink or dance around and talk, they still deserve to have a unique name that suits their personality.

Check out the incredibly cute anime cat names below!

Most Popular Anime cat Names

  1. Chi – All Chi wants is someone to play with and to be petted, which is probably similar to how your cat acts.
  2. Jiji – In the Japanese version of the anime, he is a helpful companion to Kiki, while in the US version he can be a little cheeky. Then again, aren’t all cats at times?
  3. Luna – Without a doubt, Luna is a famous anime cat that most people will have heard of, especially if they love Sailor Moon. With her midnight black coat and crescent moon on her forehead, she is one of the cutest anime cats around. She was always by the Sailor Scouts sides in the anime, making her the perfect sidekick.
  4. Artemis – As the white guardian cat, he will often grant the Sailor Scouts magical items to help their quests, along with the help of Luna. If you are planning on having both a white and a black cat, why not name them Luna and Artemis?
  5. Mao – Fans of the show will know that Mao lost his human body and spent years in the body of a black cat instead. The name also translates into ‘cat’ in Chinese, which makes it the perfect choice for your feline.
  6. Meowth – While Meowth may have been a bit naughty in the show, it makes for a great cat name!
  7. Sakamoto – Sakamoto is from the anime Nichijoum and is well known for wearing a red kerchief, who just so happens to be able to speak. He can be a little bossy in the anime, but is cute, nonetheless. If you think Sakamoto is a bit of a mouthful, you can always shorten it down to Saka as a nickname.
  8. Kuro – Kuro is unique in that it has a split tail, but the name is one of the most unique and easy to pronounce ones on this list. After all, you don’t want to get tongue twisted if they are doing something naughty.
  9. Kamineko – What I love most about it is that you can have two nicknames, either Kami or Neko, both of which I think are great names for a cat.
  10. Carla – In the anime, the two aren’t exactly anime cats, as they are magical beings, but it is close enough in this case. This is definitely one of the more ‘human’ names on this list. And there you have it, the cutest cat anime names that you can use for your new kitty!

26 Japanese Cat Names For Females

Whether you’re Japanese, love Japanese culture, are an anime fanatic, or just want a unique name for your furry friend: These great cat names will be purrfect!

These beautiful names are a mixture of sweet and fierce, I’m sure you’ll get something right for your girl cat.

  1. Nyan
  2. Yoshi (meaning Good Luck)
  3. Haruki
  4. Kenzo
  5. Momo
  6. Yuki
  7. Fuwafuwa
  8. Tadeo
  9. Yuuma
  10. Adzuki
  11. Taro
  12. Sota
  13. Fuku
  14. Akari – light
  15. Mio – beautiful
  16. Sora – sky
  17. Taki – waterfall
  18. Kuuki – Air
  19. Hotaru – Firefly
  20. Eji – Cheerful
  21. Yuri – Lily
  22. Deiji – Daisy
  23. Ayame – Iris
  24. Hana – Flower
  25. Hoshi – star
  26. Kaito – ocean

13 Japanese Cat Names For Males

If you’re looking for names that describe your cat’s personality, check out the below:

  1. Taeko – brave
  2. Nakano – Warrior
  3. Kumi – noble
  4. Hitoshi – even tempered
  5. Hiroshi – generous
  6. Rola
  7. Takahi
  8. Toma
  9. Tatsuki – honor
  10. Taeko – brave
  11. Akio – Hero
  12. Chiyo – world
  13. Maneki Neko – beckoning cat

26 Japanese Cat Names For White Cats

I’m sure your snowball – yukidama will love one of these names!

  1. Yuki – Snowy
  2. Awai – Pale
  3. Fuyu – Winter
  4. Fuyuko – Winter child
  5. Gin – Silvery
  6. Hakahu – White crane
  7. Iguru – Igloo
  8. Kaiko – Silkworm
  9. Kiri – Fog
  10. Kitsune – White fox
  11. Kumo – Cloud
  12. Kori – Ice
  13. Mashiro – Pure White
  14. Mashumaro – Marshmallow
  15. Misuto – Mist
  16. Miyuki – Beautiful snow
  17. Shimo – Fros
  18. Shinju – Pearl
  19. Shirasagi – White
  20. Egret Shiroi or Shiroi neko – White or white cat
  21. Sunoboru – Snowball
  22. Tenshi – Angel
  23. Tsurana – Icicle
  24. Yukigafuru – Snowy or full snow
  25. Yukiko – Snow
  26. Yurei – Ghost or Spirit

24 Japanese Cat Names For Black Cats

Black cats are considered bad luck in many parts of the world but not in Japan. In Japan, black cats are considered good luck.

  1. Kuro Neko – black cat
  2. Akumi Yoru – Night
  3. Sumi
  4. Amaya
  5. Anri
  6. Hai
  7. Hatsuki
  8. Kage
  9. Kaguya
  10. Kuroguro
  11. Makkuro
  12. Mayonaka
  13. Mika
  14. Mokutan
  15. Sumi
  16. Sekitan
  17. Susu
  18. Tsuki
  19. Tsukiko
  20. Yamiyo
  21. Yoru
  22. Kuroi
  23. Burakku
  24. Chieko – Wisdom

14 Japanese Cat Names For Ginger Cats

Not to worry your ginger cat hasn’t been left out. Check out these cute names.

  1. Tabby – brown cats
  2. Shoga – ginger cats
  3. Aka – Red
  4. Akane – Brilliant red
  5. Aki – Autumn
  6. Anko – Red bean paste
  7. Azuki – Sweet red beans
  8. Do – Copper
  9. Kaede – Maple
  10. Kasai – Fire
  11. Kohaku – Amber
  12. Kōkai – Red Sea
  13. Sabita – Rusty
  14. Kyou – Apricot

31 Japanese Anime Cat Names

Some of the most famous cat names have been inspired by Japanese anime.

From Hello kitty to Dragon Ball Z, there are a plethora of cute names for your new feline friend.

  1. Poyo – Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
  2. Tama
  3. Madara
  4. Ponta – Natsume’s Book
  5. AKA Nyangoro
  6. Nyankichi
  7. Nyanko-sensei
  8. Jibanyan – YouKai Watch
  9. Kuro – Blue Exorcist
  10. Homura
  11. Akemi
  12. Renji
  13. Abarai
  14. Sōsuke
  15. Aizen
  16. Alucard
  17. Aznable
  18. Sergio
  19. Batista
  20. Piccolo (Dragon Ball)
  21. Pluto (Astro Boy)
  22. Saitō
  23. Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin)
  24. Koichi
  25. Zenigata
  26. Kirara – InuYasha
  27. Sakura (cherry blossom) – Naruto
  28. Arthur – Code Geass
  29. Aria – ‘Aria The Animation
  30. Tama from Sazae-San
  31. Amane- Death Note


Being the birthplace of cat cafes and the lucky cat ornament, it’s not a shock that Japanese names are an inspiration to all cat parents.

Hope these names will inspire you!

Do you have any favorite anime cat names? Tell us below!

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