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If you’re looking for Australian cat names for your new feline friend, we’ve got your back!

Below, we’re checking out 150 elating ideas, split evenly between males and females.

They’re perfect for all breeds, but especially appropriate for the dumbest cat breeds.

Let’s dive in and check them out!

75 Australian Cat Names For Females

australian cat names for females
  1. Adelaide: a noble cat name.
  2. Coco: one of the classy and popular cat names for a tabby cat.
  3. Molly: a Greek word that means queen of the ocean.
  4. Lily: a beautiful flower 
  5. Mia: to call someone yours. 
  6. Lucy: it stands for glowing.
  7. Cleo: prestige and honor
  8. Daisy: a tempting name after a white flower.
  9. Missy: this name brings power and trust.
  10. Millie: for a cat who is hardworking.
  11. Caloundra: a city in Queensland
  12. Syndey: after the city in Australia
  13. Lola: a short name for Dolores
  14. Brisbane: a city in Australia
  15. Grevillea: an Australian flower
  16. Lulu: an Arabic name and means a bead. 
  17. Tilly: a strong name for a cat.
  18. Lilly: it stands for decency and clarity.
  19. Misty: a white cat named after the fog.
  20. Milo: a popular character inspired by The Adventure of Milo and Otis.
  21. Shadow: it means providing shade from every corner. 
  22. Ruby: a red gemstone.
  23. Ella: an adorable name for your kitten.
  24. Abby: a miniature name for a cat.
  25. Ellie: a small name for the commencement of something good.
  26. Symphony: for a cat that sings beautifully. 
  27. Dixie: it brings innovation and instinctive nature.
  28. Pearl: to sparkle like a star.
  29. Ash: this originated from an ash tree and of English birthplace.
  30. Phoebe: this name means gleaming as glitter.
  31. Akira: in Sanskrit, it is defined as a great power. 
  32. Angel: a pure spirit of almighty.
  33. Dotty: a traditional name which means present of almighty.
  34. Dove: it is the name of a feathered friend who attracts calmness.
  35. Frida: it describes calmness.
  36. Oracle: a spirit or form which predicts the upcoming of one’s life.
  37. Pepper: a blistery name for a cat. 
  38. Cindy: a smoking hot title.
  39. Cassie: a Celtic name that means a blessed soul on earth. 
  40. Kelly: a mountain in Australia
  41. Princess: one who always gives you feel like a princess. 
  42. Cuddles: popular names for cats who love to cuddle with you. 
  43. Tabitha: a name after a deer. 
  44. Jasmine: this word means an offering from God.
  45. Ginger: this stands for a clean heart.
  46. Bonnie: it means appealing. 
  47. Chloe: roots of Greek, and it is defined as mature behavior.
  48. Willow: an aspiration that symbolizes that one should always hope.
  49. Kylie: a Hollywood artist name.
  50. Macala: a unique name for your cat.
  51. Isa: after Mount Isa.
  52. Honeysuckle: after the flower.
  53. Callie: it means alluring personality
  54. Samantha: a spiritual name because it means God is listening.
  55. Sammy: this term is described as to be heard.
  56. Augusta: a city in South Australia
  57. Fluffy: a name that represents a joyous character.
  58. Maggie: a self-sufficient name.
  59. Sassy: a sarcastic name for your cat.
  60. Zoe: it stands for existence.
  61. Muffin: a foodie name for your cat.
  62. Sophie: an understanding name. 
  63. Sasha: if your cat protects you from dangers then this is your cat’s name.
  64. Holly: one who believes in God.
  65. Sooty: a cute black cat name.
  66. Matilda: a popular girl’s name in Australia.
  67. Anne: for Mount Anne, a mountain Down Under.
  68. Gingera: this mountain name is perfect for orange cats!
  69. Victoria: a river in Australia.
  70. Ayla: another popular name, means “moonlight.”
  71. Talia: means “dew from heaven.”
  72. Acacia: after the tree in Australia
  73. Eucalyptus: another popular nature name!
  74. Midura: a city in Victoria.
  75. Daintree: this unique name is ideal for a cat with a mysterious and alluring aura.

75 Australian Cat Names For Males

australian cat names for males
  1. Charlie: roots of English birthplace and means “free man”
  2. Bodhi: for an enlightened cat
  3. Leo: comes from Latin, which means a lion.
  4. Max: powerful and full of energy.
  5. Simba: the lion king’s Simba inspired the title.
  6. George: roots of Greek and it means an earth-worker.
  7. Archie: any Riverdale fans here? 
  8. Ollie: one more fighter name for your cat. 
  9. Felix: it stands for a blessed soul. 
  10. Harry: a knight in shining armor to shield the house.
  11. Tiger: brave and powerful.
  12. Loki: a name that brings love and positive vibes.
  13. Toby: a spiritual black cat name that means God is righteous.
  14. Jack: a mystical name that means almighty is merciful.
  15. Henry: a religious name because it means God. 
  16. Oliver: to beam like a moon.
  17. Monty: this term is described as the strength of a man.
  18. Alfie: a magical name with superpowers. 
  19. Milo: a name inspired by The Adventure of Milo and Otis.
  20. Jasper: Persian origin and defined as wealthy.
  21. Shadow: it means providing shade from every corner. 
  22. Benji: a short name for Benjamin.
  23. Cooper: this word means a creator.
  24. Bailey: this word means sheriff or overseer.
  25. Murphy: roots of Irish and Gaelic and stands for ocean fighter.
  26. Murray: a city in Australia.
  27. Porter: it stands for a protector. 
  28. Kobe: a Swahili name that translates into a turtle. 
  29. Mackay: after the city in Queensland.
  30. Jazz: a musical name is always in.
  31. Jordan: a famous shoe brand name.
  32. Phoenix: a person or a distinctively exceptional object.
  33. Raven: it means dark-colored. 
  34. Horsham: for the Australian city.
  35. Merlin: means a castle in an ocean.
  36. Sam: a spiritual name because it means God is listening.
  37. Sooty: a funny name for a black cat.
  38. Abercrombie: a stylish name that’s also a river.
  39. Tom: another cartoon character name. 
  40. Billy: it means a wish.
  41. Muffin: a funny foodie cat name.
  42. Lucky: a soul who has the hands of God on his head.
  43. Rusty: a perfect name for a red-brown cat.
  44. Rock: a category of music 
  45. Devon: for Devonport, a city Down Under.
  46. Jake: this name brings optimism.
  47. Sandy: the origin of Greek and means almighty is powerful.
  48. Sylvester: stands for fierce personality.
  49. Fletcher: means “arrow maker.”
  50. Harley: a famous vehicle name. 
  51. Kangaroo: the national animal of Australia.
  52. Rambo: a thriller action movie hero name.
  53. Prince: one of the charming and creative names for a cat. 
  54. Melton: for the city in Victoria.
  55. Burnie: a city in Tasmania.
  56. Taz: Short for Tasmania, perfect for a wild kitty!
  57. Mickey: a name inspired by a cartoon character of Mickey Mouse.
  58. Barrow: for Mount Barrow.
  59. Zach: it means almighty recalls.
  60. Hervey: for Hervey Bay.
  61. Pirie: after Port Pirie in South Australia.
  62. Casper: this title allures money. 
  63. Hamilton: after the city in Victoria.
  64. Bear: a fluffy cat that looks like a bear.
  65. Melville: after the city.
  66. Teddy: a bubbly name for a healthy cat.
  67. Simon: a Hebrew name and defined as an observer and all ears.
  68. Monkey: If your cat loves to jump. 
  69. Hamish: a popular boy’s name in Australia.
  70. Snowy: this river in Australia is a perfect white cat name!
  71. Jax: for your super cool cat!
  72. Jett: a mineral name.
  73. Barker: a city name that’s ironic for a cat!
  74. Gambier: after a mountain and city in Australia.
  75. Tor: after Legges Tor, a mountain in Australia.


Australian cat names offer a captivating blend of cultural heritage, natural wonders, and vibrant cities, making them a perfect choice for feline companions seeking unique identities.

From the elegance of Adelaide to the playfulness of Milo, these names reflect the diverse spirit of Australia’s landscape and people.

May these Australian cat names enrich your feline companion’s character and bring joy and warmth to your everyday adventures together.

My favorite among all the names is “Bodhi,” and I really think it could work for both a boy or a girl!

What are your favorite Australian cat names? Share with us below!


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