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If you’re looking for a cool list of mountain cat names for your new kitten, then this is the place to be!

We’ve rounded up 100 ideas, with many inspired by actual mountains around the world.

We included 50 each for boys and girls, although many can actually be gender-neutral. Let’s check them out!

Mountain Cat Names for Females

If you're looking for a cool list of mountain cat names for your new kitten, then this is the place to be! Check out 100 ideas that we adore!

From the Appalachians to the Himalayas, we’ve figuratively climbed the entire planet to find the most beautiful mountain names for your cats!

Let’s take a look at what we found!’

  1. Albertine – referring to a glorious lady.
  2. Alexandra – after the mighty defender of men.
  3. Allegheny– after the mountains on the US east coast!
  4. Alma – Spanish name meaning “soul.”
  5. Amalthea Greek name, after the soother of mountains. 
  6. Amrita – Tibetan name meaning “ambrosia.”
  7. Annapurna – after the Hindu Goddess of food. 
  8. Atalia – for she, who is great.
  9. Augusta Latin name meaning “venerable.”
  10. Avalanche – This name embodies the power and force of nature.
  11. Bhasundara – Tibetan name referring to a Goddess. 
  12. Cammi – beautiful Tibetan name meaning “noble.”
  13. Carmel – Hebrew name for “vineyard.”
  14. Ceba – for the one who can reach the highest point. 
  15. Dhaulagiri – after Himalaya’s highest peak. 
  16. Dordje – referring to the one close to thunders. 
  17. Farrah – for a grey, majestic cat.
  18. Garkan – this is a Tibetan name meaning “dancer.”
  19. Govinda – this name refers to a herder. 
  20. Helen – Greek name for the bright one. 
  21. Jales – referring to the colorful one. 
  22. Jigme – amazing name for a fearless cat.
  23. Juana – this name means “a gift from God.”
  24. Keira – after the one who can conquer the highest peak.
  25. Khyber – Hebrew name for a strong one. 
  26. Kim – for a spiritual one.
  27. Kiri – Cambodian word for “mountain.”
  28. Kitsi – this is a great name for a hero cat. 
  29. Lah-Mo – Tibetan name for a “fierce Goddess.”
  30. Laila – perfect name for a black cat.
  31. Laysa – this name means “Goddess.”
  32. Leilah – for a cat born during the night. 
  33. Marcy – this is the name for one who belongs on Mars.
  34. Mallory – after the man who attempted the first Everest climb. 
  35. Maralyn – after a beloved “drop of the sea.”
  36. Megane – for a soft and gentle cat.
  37. Misha – for a cat who likes to conquer it all.
  38. Moriah – after the one guided by God.
  39. Nanda – after India’s highest peak. 
  40. Peri – Greek name meaning “fairy.”
  41. Puma – great name for a fierce female. 
  42. Risa – for a cat who brings peace.
  43. Ruby – one of the most popular names in Himalaya. 
  44. Samara – Hebrew name for a kind woman. 
  45. ShangriLa – for the one who’s never lost.
  46. Shasta – Indian name for the praised one.. 
  47. Shyla – Hindu name after the “daughter of the mountain.”
  48. Sierra – after a dweller of Ciaran.
  49. Topanga Native American name for “where the mountain meets the sea.”
  50. Zopa – for a very patient cat. 

Mountain Cat Names for Males

If you're looking for a cool list of mountain cat names for your new kitten, then this is the place to be! Check out 100 ideas that we adore!

Again, we looked to the most beautiful peaks for inspiration for boy cats.

  1. Aaron – Hebrew name for a high mountain. 
  2. Almond – after the one who defends the temple. 
  3. Antoine – for one that can’t be measured. 
  4. Assam – after a high place. 
  5. Bergen – Scandinavian name meaning “mountain dweller.”
  6. Bernard – after a very bold one. 
  7. Brockley – for the one who lives on the mountain. 
  8. Cadwallon – after the one who leads. 
  9. Darryl French name for the winner. 
  10. Denali – Hindu name for a great one. 
  11. Denzell – after one from the high stronghold. 
  12. Elias – Greek name for a God’s follower. 
  13. Everest – after the world’s highest peak. 
  14. Fuji – after the mountain. 
  15. Galvin Irish name meaning “sparrow.”
  16. Innis – this name is used for an island dweller.
  17. Janka – this name means “gift of God.”
  18. Keanu Hawaiian name for a breeze over the mountain. 
  19. Khan – referring to a mountain’s warrior
  20. Lindberg – for the one who lives on the hill.
  21. Linleah – for the one from the flax field. 
  22. Livingston – English name for a dear friend. 
  23. Lorimer – after a Tibetan saddle maker. 
  24. Mackins – for the one who can climb no matter what.
  25. McKinley – after the Viking son of Fionn Ghall.
  26. Merrick – for the one who escaped. 
  27. Mikhail – this name means “gift from God.”
  28. Mitchell – for the one who is like a God.
  29. Montana – this name means mountain. 
  30. Montgomery – French name for a mountain hunter.
  31. Odell – English name for The Woad Hill.
  32. Orpheus – Greek name for the darkness of the night. 
  33. Peak – for the best cat!
  34. Pike – English name for “hill.”
  35. Poseidon – after the God of the seas.
  36. Reynard-Mighty and brave Strong counselor.
  37. Seren – this name means star.
  38. Shambhala – after the Tibetan healing method. 
  39. Seba – for a mighty reward.
  40. Spelding – after the one who lives in the meadow. 
  41. Syd – Old English name for meadow.
  42. Tabor – after the Nazareth mountain. 
  43. Tariq – this name refers to a morning star.
  44. Trowhridge – he from the tree bridge. 
  45. Usui – after the Tibetan healing method.
  46. Vermont – after the famous state of the mountains. 
  47. Whittaker – after the first American to climb Everest. 
  48. Wilford – for the one who seeks peace.
  49. Yeti – after Himalaya’s legendary creature.
  50. Zion – this name refers to a sign.


Exploring the world of mountain cat names offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the majestic beauty and untamed spirit of these extraordinary creatures.

By selecting a mountain-inspired name, you honor the resilience, strength, and grace that your cat embodies.

It’s not just a name; it’s a symbol of the untamed nature that dwells within your four-legged friend.

Go ahead and choose a name that captures the essence of your adventurous feline, and let the mountains continue to inspire your journey together.

Happy naming!


If you're looking for a cool list of mountain cat names for your new kitten, then this is the place to be! Check out 100 ideas that we adore!
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