Alright, all you fangirls and fanboys, get ready for some of the best nerdy cat names around!

We’ve chosen some of the coolest ideas for boys and girls from the wonderful world of fandom.

Take a look and find the perfect moniker for your geeky kitty!

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Alright, all you fangirls and fanboys, get ready for some of the best nerdy cat names around! Check out our top 50 favorites!

Best Nerdy Cat Names

Everyone has a passion, be it comics, books, movies or video games.

Here is a list of nerdy cat names you can choose from, in case you want your cat to be part of fandom!

We’ll start with the girls, because they’re totally unappreciated in the geek world.

Nerdy Cat Names for Females

Alright, all you fangirls and fanboys, get ready for some of the best nerdy cat names around! Check out our top 50 favorites!
  1. Alex – she is the female character in Minecraft. The name is perfect for a Tabby.
  2. Art3mis– fans of Ready Player One know that 3 isn’t a typo!
  3. Athena – the well knows Greek goddess, for a very brave cat.
  4. Belle – the beautiful princess from Beauty and the Beast.
  5. Catwoman– because we just had to!
  6. Cortana – HALO’s character never fails to impress, and this would be a great name for a grey cat!
  7. Daisy – if your kid loves the Disney universe, then he may choose this name for his new cat.
  8. Electra– for fans of Greek mythology
  9. Eve – she is Wall.E’s partner in the movie with the same name.
  10. Galadriel – in the Lord of The Rings movies, she is the most powerful witch, so it may be a great name for a very imposing cat.
  11. Hermione– perfect for all you Harry Potter nerds out there!
  12. Kitana – the mighty fighter from the Mortal Kombat series.
  13. Lara – the brave Lara Croft and her adventures are definitely inspiring enough.
  14. Luna – is one of the characters in DOTA II, riding a giant tiger. Also a great Harry Potter cat name!
  15. Padme – Star Wars’ queen, if your cat has a very royal look.
  16. Peach – and if you also get a male cat and call him Mario, you will have the most amazing cat duo!
  17. Quinn – everyone knows the Harley Quinn, as she is one of the most iconic personas in the DC world.
  18. Siri – of course, the Apple iPhone AI, and have a blast whenever you call your cat!
  19. Sonya – she is probably the coolest Mortal Combat character.
  20. Storm – can be an amazing cat for a white cat and it’s inspired by the X-Men universe.
  21. Sylvannas – the Horde ruler from the World of Warcraft game.
  22. Xena – the warrior princess, is known for her amazing will.
  23. Willow– Whedon fans know why we chose this one!
  24. Yuna – one of the most important characters in the Final Fantasy series.
  25. Zelda – the princess, Link’s partner, and a very beautiful character.

It’s great if you want your passion to combine with your daily life.

By choosing a great nerdy cat name, you will be more than happy to introduce your friends to your new family member.

Nerdy Cat Names for Males

Alright, all you fangirls and fanboys, get ready for some of the best nerdy cat names around! Check out our top 50 favorites!
  1. Arthas – also known as the Lich King, is one of the most imposing characters in the gaming world.
  2. Aslan – and we all remember the mighty lion, leading the world of Narnia.
  3. Azeroth – the big world containing all the World of Warcraft action, because your cat is your world!
  4. Bowser – also known as Mario’s enemy, kept kidnapping princess Peach. The name is perfect for a mischievous cat.
  5. Buzz – from the Toy Story world, he is traveling ‘to the infinity and beyond’ to have fun!
  6. Clark– Superman’s cover!
  7. Dexter – is your cat experiencing all over the house? Well, so was Dexter, making this a great and nerdy cat name.
  8. Gordon – the most iconic character in the Half-Life series!
  9. Illidan – the amazing demon-hunter, because some superstitions say that cats can see ghosts!
  10. Jax – Mortal Kombat’s character, for a true cat fighter!
  11. Joker – probably the most important person in the DC universe, in strong competition with Batman.
  12. Link – always prepared to save his queen, can be a great name for a very perseverent cat.
  13. Mushu – the most adorable dragon and Mulan’s best friend.
  14. Neville– Potterverse’ most underrated supporting character.
  15. Pi – the well-known number, for the infinite love you have for your cat.
  16. Sheldon – from The Big Bang Theory, he is probably the most intelligent character in a sitcom.
  17. Sherlock – the intelligent detective, ready to catch all the culprits, just like your cat is ready to catch all the mice.
  18. Solo – another great name from the Star Wars universe, for an independent companion.
  19. Sonic – the blue Hedgehog, can be a great name for a Russian Blue cat.
  20. Stark– Four words- I am Iron Cat!
  21. Steve – he is Minecraft’s main playable character and the toughest guy in the world!
  22. Thor– for the mightiest cat of all!
  23. Thrall – the mighty Horde ruler, from the World of Warcraft series.
  24.  Xavier – Leader of the X-Men.
  25. Yoda – everyone knows Yoda and his adorable ears. He may even look like the cat you just adopted.

One of these nerdy cat names is definitely a good choice for you and your cat.

I know it’s tough to choose the right one, but you do have the time to decide. Remember that it can be anything you want!

What are your favorite nerdy cat names? Share below!