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Looking for some beautiful green-eyed cat names for your new pet?

Green eyes in cats are captivating and often associated with mystery and beauty.

We came up with 100 amazing cat name ideas, split evenly between male and female kittens.

Check the list below and pick one!

Green-Eyed Cat Names for Males

Portrait of a domestic cat with green eyes
  1. Alvern – this name means “spring.”
  2. Aquamarine – after the beautiful blueish-green gem.
  3. Aspen – this name means “tree.”
  4. Bean – after the green veggie.
  5. Beril – after the light green gem.
  6. Berly – this refers to the green jewel.
  7. Calhoun – Irish name meaning “forest,” is one of my favorite nature cat names.
  8. Cypress – perfect name for a green-eyed cat.
  9. Denver – this name means “green valley.”
  10. Donnie – after the Ninja Turtle Donatello!
  11. Elmer – cute name for a cat with green eyes.
  12. Elm – after the beautiful tree.
  13. Forest – for a hippie cat with green eyes.
  14. Green Beret – for a really tough cat with green eyes.
  15. Green Goblin – after Spiderman’s villain.
  16. Grinch – especially if he hates Christmas trees.
  17. Groen– Dutch word that means “green.”
  18. Gumby – for a really flexible green-eyed cat!
  19. Herb – for a cat with pure green eyes.
  20. Hulk – after the famous superhero.
  21. Hunter – also known as a dark green shade.
  22. Jafar – for a green-eyed and mysterious cat.
  23. Jayden – for the one with Jade eyes.
  24. Jolly – after the Green Giant brand.
  25. Kadir – Arabic word meaning “green.”
  26. Kermit – after the Muppets frog.
  27. Leaf – an adorable name for a pure cat.
  28. Leonidas – the Greek name for the one with green eyes.
  29. Leo – after Leonardo, the Ninja Turtle.
  30. Li Shou – after the Chinese cat God.
  31. Malachite – this is a beautiful, light-green gem.
  32. Marine – for the toughest cat out there.
  33. Mikey – another shortened Ninja Turtle name for a very cool cat.
  34. Minty – after the mint leaves, a yummy food name for cats.
  35. Moss – cute name for a cat with dark green eyes.
  36. Neon – referring to that amazing green shade.
  37. Oak – for a strong cat with green eyes.
  38. Oleander – after the green tree with amazing flowers.
  39. Ovinnick – after the Polish cat God.
  40. Ozzy – inspired by Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz.
  41. Panther – for a black cat with green eyes.
  42. Patrick – this one is pretty obvious.
  43. Peter Pan – after the child hero!
  44. Raph – perfect name for a mysterious cat.
  45. Riddler – after the famous villain.
  46. Sage – besides the green herb, this name also means “wise.”
  47. Shrek – after the green ogre.
  48. TaleEgyptian name meaning “green.”
  49. Teal – after the beautiful green shade.
  50. Zelen– Bosnian word for the color.

Green-Eyed Cat Names for Females

a beautiful green-eyed cat
  1. Aileen – this name means “green meadow.”
  2. Blerta – this name means “green.”
  3. Chloe – after the Greek Goddess of fertility, also means “green.”
  4. Cloris – after the Greek Goddess of Spring.
  5. Clover – after the four-leafed clover.
  6. Cyan – beautiful name for a stunning color.
  7. Elf – for a small one with beautiful eyes.
  8. Elphaba – after the “Wicked Witch of the West.” This is one of the cutest wizard cat names.
  9. Emma – inspired by the emerald green.
  10. Esme – the French name for beauty with green eyes.
  11. Esmeralda – inspired after the beautiful emeralds.
  12. Fern – after the green and precious plant.
  13. Fey – this name means “fairy.”
  14. Fiona – after the popular ogre princess.
  15. Forest – great name for a cat who likes hunting.
  16. Glaisne – Irish name meaning “green.”
  17. Hazel – after the green-leafed tree.
  18. Heather – beautiful name inspired after the green plant.
  19. Holly – after the green Christmas plant.
  20. Ivy – after the beautiful plant.
  21. Jade – probably the most popular green gem.
  22. Jadzia – inspired by “jade.”
  23. Jaida – for a black cat with green eyes.
  24. Juniper – after the majestic tree.
  25. Kelly – this is a shade of emerald green.
  26. Lass – beautiful name for a green-eyed cat.
  27. Lotus – after the stunning flower.
  28. Lucky – inspired by Irish folklore, a cute Irish cat name.
  29. Malachite – after the green gem.
  30. Mantis – for a cat who likes to climb.
  31. Meadow – beautiful name for a nature-loving cat.
  32. Midnight – perfect name for a black cat with green eyes.
  33. Midori – Japanese name meaning “green.”
  34. Mint – after the beautiful shade of green.
  35. Moss – cute name and inspired by nature.
  36. Mossy – after the mossy plants.
  37. Mya – this name means “green.”
  38. Okra – after the tasty veggie.
  39. Olive – after the green olives.
  40. Olivia – this name means “olive tree.”
  41. Oran – Celtic name meaning “green.”
  42. Orna – this name means “green.”
  43. Patty – after St. Patrick’s Day!
  44. Phyllis – this is an old name meaning “green.”
  45. Poison Ivy – after the famous villain.
  46. Silver – perfect name for a grey cat with green eyes.
  47. Sweet Pea – a cute name inspired by the vegetable.
  48. Willow – after the majestic tree.
  49. Yarkona – Hebrew name meaning “green.”
  50. Zeleny – this name means “green.”

It’s hard to choose because everything seems amazing!

However, “Sweet Pea” stands out for me! Sounds sweet, right?


Choosing a name for your green-eyed cat is an exciting opportunity to celebrate their unique features and personality.

Whether you prefer names that highlight the color green, evoke a sense of elegance, or draw inspiration from mythology, there is a perfect name waiting to adorn your beloved green-eyed companion.

Embrace the magic and charm of your cat’s green eyes by selecting a name that truly captures their beauty and individuality.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite green-eyed cat names for male and female kittens? Share below!


Brown tiger cat with green eyes and text that refers to green-eyed cat names.
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