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What are the best cat names starting with A? That’s what we’ll explore today (hey, that rhymes!).

Naming your cat after cute cartoon characters or with a word that describes a unique attribute is all good and fun, but sometimes we just have a letter in the alphabet we feel particularly drawn to.

Maybe all the men and women in your family have a name starting with that letter. As the first letter in the alphabet and a vowel, the letter A yields many great names.

We might even find some that embody the spirit of your cat, both physically and mentally.

Below, you’ll find 100 ideas—50 each for boys and girls that begin with the first letter of the alphabet.

Let’s check them out!

Cat Names That Start with A For Males

What are the best cat names starting with a? That’s what we’ll explore today! Take a look at 100 fantastic ideas for boys and girls!

Names like Adam, Aaron, and Andrew pop up quickly as they are among the most popular and common boy names starting with this letter.

We’ll do our best to provide you with a bit more originality and even some clever options for your new male kitten.

Let’s take a look at what we came up with. We hope we meet your expectations!

  1. Albus – After Albus Dumbledore of the Harry Potter series
  2. Ace – For the cool cat
  3. Aali – Means “sublime” in Arabic
  4. Addams – As in the Addams Family. If your cat is a little quirky and mostly black, this is a cute name.
  5. Al (Capone) – If your cat is the boss around the house.
  6. Ali – Means “Lion”
  7. Astair – Because cats certainly know how to dance!
  8. Achilles – Because cats are always our weak spot!
  9. Alien – Quite literal, but some cats just have an alien-like look that is very cool and different.
  10. Amos – Meaning “brave”.
  11. Apollo – The son of Zeus in Greek mythology.
  12. Armani – For those who like brand names.
  13. Archibald (Archie) – From the classic comic or the darker CW version!
  14. Aristotle – For the wise philosopher.
  15. Asterix – Not the * sympbol. Asterix is a French comic book character.
  16. Astro – You might know him as a dog, but it could be great for your cat who is out of this world.
  17. Atlas – The one who carries the entire world on his shoulders.
  18. Attila – Is your cat a tough warrior?
  19. Atticus – For the great literary hero.
  20. August – Why not, if you brought him home during the eighth month of the year?
  21. Avalanche – For the white kitties.
  22. Abercrombie – If your cat may as well be a male model.
  23. Achilles – We couldn’t leave this hero of the Trojan war out.
  24. Alabaster – For the white kitty cats.
  25. Abyss – Staring into your cat’s eyes is like looking into the deepest abyss.
  26. Adorable – Because why not?
  27. Aladdin – Always good to name him after a classic character.
  28. Aero – Oh so yummy candy bar.
  29. Alias – This just exudes cool.
  30. Arlo
  31. Augustus – As in Caesar Augustus.
  32. Aaric
  33. Alpha – Your cat IS number one, after all!
  34. Asher
  35. Aasgard
  36. Alaric – Fans of The Vampire Diaries know this one!
  37. Axl – As in Axl Rose from the popular 80s hair band, Guns & Roses. Great for long-haired cat!
  38. Ares
  39. Atlas – The Greek god who held up the world.
  40. Art
  41. Amir – Prince
  42. Adonis – From Greek mythology, he was very handsome!
  43. Aditya – Means “Sun” in Hindi.
  44. Aberash – Means “shining” in Amharic.
  45. Angelo – Another way to spell “Angel.”
  46. Archer
  47. Azreal – from The Smurfs
  48. Abra – Shortened from Abracadabra
  49. Abraxas – It’s an engraved gem, but I think it makes a neat name!
  50. Acacius

There is just something magical and mysterious about felines so Albus is a great pick! After all, he is one of the most powerful wizards ever to grace the pages of literature!

Do you watch Riverdale or have read Archie Comics growing up? Why not name your ginger cat after the beloved redhead.

Asterix is a fun one, too, although be prepared for people to tell you that you spelled “asterisk” wrong!

We took great care in searching for original male names for your kitty cat, and now we’re going to see if our female list lives up to the same expectations!

Cat Names That Start with A For Females

What are the best cat names starting with a? That’s what we’ll explore today! Take a look at 100 fantastic ideas for boys and girls!
  1. Aurora – The beautiful northern lights, and also the first name of the sleeping beauty. We know cats sleep a lot.
  2. Aditi – A Goddess of the Sky
  3. Alba – Female version of Albus.
  4. Abeba – flower
  5. Amma – a Norse mythology name
  6. Adeline – Sweet and noble, let’s hope your cat remains young for decades too.
  7. icaldriana – If your cat is as gorgeous a model as Adriana Lima.
  8. Amor – Meaning “love”.
  9. Angel – This doesn’t need an explanation.
  10. Adrastea – Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite
  11. Abena – Means “born on Tuesday” in Akan.
  12. Alicia
  13. Athena – The Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom.
  14. Artemis – The Greek Goddess of the Hunt. This is great if your cat is always leaving you “presents” around the house.
  15. Abree
  16. Aspen – For the all-white kitty cats who blend in with the snow.
  17. Abba – Dancing queen, anyone?
  18. Aglaia – A Greek Goddess of splendor & glory
  19. Abra – If your cat is a little bit magical.
  20. Alakazam – A unisex name, if Abra isn’t magical enough.
  21. Akuna – If our cat often follows you around like your shadow.
  22. Alaska – Great for cats with white or pale fur and bright icy eyes.
  23. Alectrona – Goddess of the morning
  24. Allie Cat – We found this one to be pretty clever.
  25. Aloha – Hello!
  26. Amazing – Do we need to explain why?
  27. Amber – A color that could describe your cat’s fur color or eyes.
  28. Amiga – Because your cat is your friend.
  29. Ampersand (&) – Because Asterisk/Asterix wasn’t enough.
  30. Andromeda – If you feel like your cat is from another galaxy.
  31. Annabelle – The name will forever be a little bit creepy thanks to the movie of the same name.
  32. Akari – a popular Japanese name, means light.
  33. Aphrodite – For the regal and elegant cats that just exude love.
  34. Ariel – Like the little mermaid with bright red hair.
  35. Aine – Radiance
  36. Aithne – a pretty Irish name.
  37. Aira – Finnish name.
  38. Abequa – Means “stays at home” in Cheyenne.
  39. Astra – For the lover of cosmic cat names.
  40. Autumn – If you got your cats when the leaves are falling.
  41. Arcadia – Mythological land in Ancient Greece.
  42. Alazne – Means “miracle” in Basque.
  43. Akantha – from Greek mythology.
  44. Akuchi – Igbo “wealth of god.”
  45. Aki – Japanese for “bright.”
  46. Acantha – “Sharp,” like kitty’s claws!
  47. Ahava – Love in Hebrew
  48. Adalie – Noble
  49. Addison – For fans of Grey’s Anatomy.
  50. Aisling – Means “dream” in Gaelic.


Cute and clever, we love all the names on the list.

Which one tickled your fancy? Which one do you think we should have added? Should have vetoed? Let us know!

Tell us your favorite cat names starting with A below!

What are the best cat names starting with a? That’s what we’ll explore today! Take a look at 100 fantastic ideas for boys and girls!
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