Finding nature names for black cats is not always easy, but we’ve got you covered!

We managed to round up 90 ebony-colored things found out in the natural world.

From gemstones to flowers to amazing wild creatures, you’ll find the perfect idea below.

Let’s get started!

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Finding nature names for black cats is not always easy, but we've got you covered! Check out 90 amazing ideas that you'll love!

Nature Names For Male Black Cats

  1. Asher – beautiful name for a black cat.
  2. Aspen – a dark-colored tree, native to the cold regions of the world.
  3. Bean – after the black beans.
  4. Bear – perfect name for a black and mischievous kitten.
  5. Birch – after the beautiful tree with dark-colored leaves.
  6. Blackbird – perfect name for a black cat.
  7. Caiman– after the black Caiman, a type of crocodile.
  8. Carbon – after the black graphite rocks.
  9. Coal – after the all-natural fuel.
  10. Colobus– a cute black monkey!
  11. Crow – after the most popular black bird.
  12. Drongo – the Black Drongo is a beautiful bird from India.
  13. Dusk – one of the best parts of the day.
  14. Dusty – beautiful name for a black cat.
  15. Falcon – after one of the most amazing birds.
  16. Flint – after the rock used to start a fire.
  17. Galloway – a type of black cattle.
  18. Grackle– the common grackle is actually blue, but he appears black!
  19. Graphite – especially pure black granite.
  20. Jackal – after one of the most frightening animals.
  21. Jaguar – this is great, especially is your cat is pure black.
  22. Kotwal– Hindi name for the Black Drongo.
  23. Leopard – did you know some very rare leopards are black?
  24. Lupo – in Italian, this means “wolf,” and wolves can be black!
  25. Oakley – referring to a wood clearing.
  26. Orion – after the wonderful constellation.
  27. Penguin – penguins are some of the cutest!
  28. Phoenix – after the bird that came back from her own ashes.
  29. Pluto – after the dwarf planet stuck in the dark.
  30. Quetzal – a little ironic, but still a wonderful name.
  31. Shady – perfect name for a black cat.
  32. Shark – especially the black Reef Sharks.
  33. Slate – after the black/grey rock.
  34. Slater – after the slater bug.
  35. Smokey – for a perfectly black cat.
  36. Spider – because spiders are black.
  37. Spinel– after the gemstone.
  38. Stallion – black stallions are the fanciest.
  39. Talon – very cool name for a black cat.
  40. Thistle – after the flower, it’s so purple that it’s almost black.
  41. Thorn – great name for a tough and black cat.
  42. Thunder – a very cool name for a black cat.
  43. Twilight – because that’s the most beautiful part of the day.
  44. Valais after the sheep that’s half black and half white.
  45. Wolf – after the iconic black wolves.
Finding nature names for black cats is not always easy, but we've got you covered! Check out 90 amazing ideas that you'll love!

While not all of these things are specifically just black, they do come in ebony shades!

My favorite is Stallion, it’s perfect for a studly kitty!

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Nature Names For Female Black Cats

  1. Ashy – very cool name for a black cat
  2. Aster – after the dark colored flowers.
  3. Beetle – especially black beetles.
  4. Birdie – beautiful name inspired by black birds.
  5. Blackberry – one of the best berries out there.
  6. Brier – after the dark purple flower.
  7. Brook – also called a stream.
  8. Capercaillie-also known as the wood grouse!
  9. Cheetah – great name for a fierce kitten.
  10. Cinder – after the dark colored rocks.
  11. Coal – great nature name for a black cat.
  12. Coffee – because coffee can be found in nature!
  13. Cosmo – because in space, everything is black.
  14. Currant – because sometimes they have a very dark color.
  15. Diamond– after the rare black diamond.
  16. Ebony – after the dark timber from the tropical areas.
  17. Echo – amazing name for a black cat.
  18. Eclipse – this one is pretty straightforward.
  19. Ember – after the small pieces of burning wood.
  20. Forest – because forests are incredible!
  21. Iris – especially if we’re talking about dark purple irises.
  22. Jet – after the black jemstone.
  23. Juniper – for a cat who likes to be young forever.
  24. Jupiter – because Jupiter has a dark spot on it, often confused with a black hole.
  25. Luna – in direct translation, it means “moon.”
  26. Mamba – after the famous black mamba.
  27. Melanite– a gemstone found in Asia.
  28. Onyx – beautiful black gem.
  29. Opal – the black opals are some of the most beautiful gems.
  30. Oriel – after the black and orange stone.
  31. Otter – after the cutest animals.
  32. Panda – because pandas are just as cute as humans.
  33. Panther – as panthers are the best!
  34. Pearl – especially the rarest black pearls.
  35. Puma – because pumas are black too!
  36. Raven – after one of the most beautiful birds.
  37. Rose– black roses are so beautiful!
  38. Sapphire– they come in black, too!
  39. Shadow – great name if your cat likes to be stealthy.
  40. Soot– a clever gender-neutral name!
  41. Starling– after the bird!
  42. Stormy – especially if you have a mischievous cat!
  43. Tahoe – after one of the largest lakes.
  44. Terra – after the Greek goddess of Earth.
  45. Topaz – because a black topaz may not be easy to find!
Finding nature names for black cats is not always easy, but we've got you covered! Check out 90 amazing ideas that you'll love!

Raven is definitely my favorite, but I also love Panda!

Your turn! What are your favorite nature names for black cats? Share below!

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