If miracle cat names are what you’re looking for, then this is the place to be!

The ideas below are just perfect for a rescued kitty, especially one who had a rough life before you.

Take a look at our impressive name selection, and choose something for your feline friend!

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If miracle cat names is what you're looking for, then this is the place to be! We have 110 ideas for your new feline friend. Take a look!

Miracle Cat Names For Males

From Biblical ideas to non-secular cat names that mean miracle in other languages, you’ll love this list for boys!

  1. Aaron – biblical name, meaning “miraculous.”
  2. Adam – African name for “God’s blessing.”
  3. Angel – Latin name, meaning “messenger of God”.
  4. Ansel – Germanic name that means “with divine protection”.
  5. Apikai – Hawaiin name, meaning “a blessing.”
  6. Asher – Hebrew name, meaning “blessing”. 
  7. Ata – Arabic name that means “gift from God”.
  8. Ayaan – Indian name meaning “gift from God”.
  9. Barack – Swahili name meaning “blessing.”
  10. Barke – African name for the one with “many blessings.”
  11. Benedict – Latin name, meaning “blessed”. 
  12. Beneficio – Italian name, for “a blessing.”
  13. Bennett this name means “little blessed one” in Latin.
  14. Boone – French name, meaning “blessing.”
  15. Chazon – Hebrew name meaning “prophecy”.
  16. Daliso – African name for “a heavenly gift.”
  17. Darko – Slavic name meaning “a special gift.”
  18. Devak – Indian name that means “divine”.
  19. Eijaz – Arabic name meaning “miracle”. 
  20. Ender – Turkish name for something “very rare”.
  21. Fyodor – Russian name for a  “God’s gift”.
  22. Gianni – Italian name that means “God is gracious.”
  23. Ian – Gaelic name for  “a gift from the Lord.”
  24. Jayden – Hebrew name for someone who is “thankful to God”.
  25. Jesse – Hebrew name meaning “gift from God”
  26. Jonathon – Hebrew name for “a miracle of God.”
  27. Joseph – Hebrew name meaning “God will increase”.
  28. Lazarus – Greek name for “God is my helper”.
  29. Loreto – Italian name meaning “miraculous”.
  30. Lumi – Finnish name for a “light-bringer”.
  31. Magic – for a magically miraculous kitten.
  32. Mansur – Arabic name meaning “divine aid”.
  33. Marvel – from the French “merveilleux,” meaning “wonderful.”
  34. Matthew – English name for a “gift of God.”
  35. Mikelle – Latin name that means “gift from God.”
  36. Milagro – Spanish name meaning “miracle.”
  37. Miracle – American name that means “divine act”. 
  38. Miracolo – Italian name that means ” miracle.”
  39. Moses  – Egyptian name meaning “from the water”.
  40. Neo – Twainian name for “gift”.
  41. Nissan – Hebrew name meaning “miracle”.
  42. Osgood – Teutonic name for “divine creator”.
  43. Osmond – English name for the one with divine protection.
  44. Oswald – Old English name for “divine power”.
  45. Raphael – Hebrew name meaning “God has healed”. 
  46. Regalo – Spanish name for a special gift
  47. Revel – English name for the one with pride.
  48. Reyan – Sanskrit name meaning “little king.”
  49. Sam – Hebrew name for “God has heard”.
  50. Segen – German name for “godsend.”
  51. Theodore – Greek name for “gift of God”. 
  52. Theo – Greek, meaning “a divine gift.”
  53. Tory – English name for a victorious one. 
  54. Zelig – German name for “a blessing.”
  55. Zevadiah – Hebrew name for “God’s gift”.

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If miracle cat names is what you're looking for, then this is the place to be! We have 110 ideas for your new feline friend. Take a look!

My favorite has to be Reyan, as it’s one of the most unique and beautiful miracle cat names.

I also love Marvel, especially if you’re looking for something less religious.

Miracle Cat Names For Females

  1. Aksha – Hindi name that means “a blessing.”
  2. Alasne – Spanish name meaning “miracle”. 
  3. Amari – American name meaning “miracle of God.”
  4. Ayah – Arabic name for  “a miracle.”
  5. Beatrix – the Latin for the bringer of happiness.
  6. Blessing – English name for a divine gift.
  7. Carwyn – Welsh name for “blessed love.”
  8. Celeste – Latin name meaning “heavenly”.
  9. Chieko – Japanese name for “a thousand blessings.”
  10. Dalili – Swahili name for “a sign from the God’s”. 
  11. Deanna – English name meaning “divine”.
  12. Desire – French name for a loved one.
  13. Deva – Hindi name meaning “divine.”
  14. Diana – Latin name for a “divine” one.
  15. Dionne – Greek name meaning “divine”.
  16. Engracia – Spanish name for “touched by God’s grace.”
  17. Genevieve – French name meaning “God’s blessing.”
  18. Gia – Italian name meaning “God’s gracious gift”.
  19. Godiva – English name for “God’s gift”. 
  20. Gundruna – Swedish name for the one with “divine wisdom”.
  21. Gwyneth – Welsh name meaning “blessed.”
  22. Hanita – Hindi name for “divine grace”.
  23. Harika – Turkish name that means “a beautiful miracle.”
  24. Heaven – English name meaning “home of the Gods.”
  25. Jada – American name meaning “precious”. 
  26. Jane – Hebrew name for “a gift from God.”
  27. Janet – English name meaning “God’s gift.”
  28. Jenica – Romanian name for “God’s gift.”
  29. Jesse – Hebrew name meaning “blessing.”
  30. Karishma – Indian name that means “miracle.”
  31. Marvella – French name meaning “miracle.”
  32. Milagros – Spanish name for “miracle.” 
  33. Miracle – because she is a miracle. 
  34. Mireya – Spanish name for a miraculos one.
  35. Miriam – Hebrew name for a wanted child.
  36. Mirielle – French that means “miraculous.”
  37. Nadira – Arabic name meaning “precious.”.
  38. Nasia – Hebrew name meaning “God’s miracle”.
  39. Nayab – Persian name meaning “unique.”
  40. Nevaeh – American name for a “miracle.”
  41. Ohanna – Hebrew name meaning “God’s gracious gift”. 
  42. Orella – Latin name meaning “message from the Gods”.
  43. Panthea – Greek name meaning “all the Gods”.
  44. Pella – Hebrew name for “marvel of the Gods”.
  45. Prish – Hindi name meaning “God’s gift.”
  46. Rhiannon – Welsh name for a “divine queen”.
  47. Sachi – Japanese name meaning “bliss.”
  48. Sena – African name meaning “blessed”.
  49. Senalda – Spanish name meaning “victorious”.
  50. Shany – Swahili name for “wonderful”.
  51. Sian – Welsh name meaning “God’s gracious gift”.
  52. Sinead – Irish name for “God’s gift”.
  53. Tayja – Hindu name for “a little gem from the heavens.”
  54. Thea – Greek name meaning “gift from God”. 
  55. Winifred – Welsh name for the meaning “one who is miraculous”.

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If miracle cat names is what you're looking for, then this is the place to be! We have 110 ideas for your new feline friend. Take a look!

So many beautiful names here, it’s hard to choose a favorite! Ohanna is beautiful, as is Sena.

What are your favorite miracle cat names? Share below!

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