Your cute tabby deserves a very cool moniker, so we’ve come up with a list of 100 orange and white cat names!

We took inspiration from all over-the colors themselves, traditional names, and even different languages.

With 50 each for boys and girls, I know you’ll find one you adore.

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Orange and White Cat Names for Males

  1. Alvin – from Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  2. Angus – a beautiful name meaning ‘strength.’
  3. Apelsin– Uzbek for “orange”
  4. Argo – the Greek name meaning ‘swift.’
  5. Aslan – named by the bold lion from Narnia.
  6. Atlas – the name of a Greek God.
  7. Bandit – for a mischievous and striped cat.
  8. Bee – for the cutest cat with the most perfect stripes.
  9. Beetle – great name for a perfect cat.
  10. Benito – this name means ‘blessing.’
  11. Blake – this is a very cool name for a tabby.
  12. Blink – for a cat with unique eyes.
  13. Charlie – English name meaning ‘independent.’
  14. Cheetah = for a spotted nd very fast tabby.
  15. Chester – for the most cheerful cat.
  16. Chico – the Spanish word for ‘boy.’
  17. Cider – great name for a cat with golden eyes.
  18. Cinder – a great name for a dark-colored cat.
  19. Courod – this name means ‘honest.’
  20. Dash – the perfect name for a very fast cat.
  21. Doe – great name for a calm cat.
  22. Doyle – a great name for a shy cat.
  23. Elton – after the famous musician.
  24. Figaro – the name of Geppetto’s cat.
  25. Fuku – Japanese name, meaning ‘lucky.’
  26. Garfield – after the most famous tabby in the world.
  27. Hei – Japanese name, meaning ‘wisdom.’
  28. Hoshi – Japanese name meaning ‘star.’
  29. Hunter – for the cute hunter your tabby is.
  30. Leo – great name for your little lion.
  31. Mabolo– an orange fruit also called a velvet apple.
  32. Malhado– Portuguese for tabby.
  33. Marbles – a beautiful name for a beautiful pattern.
  34. Mars – after the Roman God of War.
  35. Monet – after the painter.
  36. Morris- is one of the most famous orange and white tabbies.
  37. Nemo- after the famous clownfish from the Disney movie.
  38. Pumpkin- the perfect fall cat name!
  39. Rusty- a famous orange and white tabby.
  40. Santol– the Santol fruit is orange on the outside and white inside.
  41. Sunny– for the sun, of course.
  42. Tao – popular Chinese name.
  43. Taz – after the popular Warner Bros character.
  44. Tekir– Turkish for “tabby”
  45. Thomas – after the Aristocats’ tabby.
  46. Tiger – perfect name for an orange and white cat.
  47. Tigrat– Tabby in Catalan
  48. Vesper – this name means ‘evening star.’
  49. Yeti – a great name for a tabby.
  50. Yoda – great name for a cat with big ears.
Your cute tabby deserves a very cool moniker, so we've come up with a list of 100 orange and white cat names! Check them out!

I always love names that come from other languages.

While “Tabby” may be pretty on-the-nose in English, it sounds so unique and beautiful in, say, Turkish, don’t you think?

Check out these cute orange cat breeds.

Orange and White Cat Names for Females

  1. Agave – the name of a striped cactus.
  2. Allegro – for the happiest tabby.
  3. Amber – beautiful name for a red tabby.
  4. Bacio – Italian name meaning ‘kiss.’
  5. Briana – beautiful name meaning ‘strong.’
  6. Buttercup – cool name for a tough tabby.
  7. Cappuccino – delicious tabby name.
  8. Cassidy – beautiful name for a curly-haired tabby.
  9. Cinnamon – for a brown tabby.
  10. Clementine– an orange fruit.
  11. Creamsicle– the tastiest orange and white treat!
  12. Dakota – American name meaning ‘friend.’
  13. Dawn – for a cat who wakes up early in the morning.
  14. Della – for a cat who’s always happy.
  15. Demeter – after the Greek Goddess.
  16. Dotty – for a dotted cat.
  17. Duchess – royal name for a tabby.
  18. Emma – English name meaning ‘universal.’
  19. Erica – classy name for a very happy tabby.
  20. Fiona – after Shrek’s red-haired princess.
  21. Gerbera – an orange daisy.
  22. Gina – beautiful name meaning ‘princess.’
  23. Giselle – perfect name for a tabby.
  24. Harlequin – great name resembling the tabby pattern.
  25. Hiro – Japanese name meaning ‘generous.’
  26. Honey – for a golden cat.
  27. Jasmine – after the beautiful white flower.
  28. Lara- “Lara-Lara” means “Tabby” in Albanian.
  29. Laranja– Basque for orange.
  30. Maia – after the beautiful Greek Goddess.
  31. Maculosa – Latin for “tabby”
  32. Marigold – an orange flower.
  33. Marmalade– a tasty treat that is often made with oranges.
  34. Mila – great name for a graceful cat.
  35. Mora– Polish for “tabby.”
  36. Misty – for a cat with great eyes.
  37. Nutmeg – great name for orange tabbies.
  38. Opal– after the fiery orange gemstone.
  39. Paris – after the city of love.
  40. Poppy– California poppies are a brilliant shade of orange.
  41. Quinn – for a cat resembling the Harlequin pattern.
  42. Raya – Spanish name meaning ‘striped.’
  43. Rena – Spanish name meaning ‘gentle.’
  44. Shir – after the Ice Age tigress.
  45. Tabs – the cute version of tabby.
  46. Tabitha – fancy version for tabby.
  47. Taronja – Catalan for “orange”
  48. Tera – for a million bits of love.
  49. Venus – after the beautiful Goddess.
  50. Zina – great name meaning radiant.’
Your cute tabby deserves a very cool moniker, so we've come up with a list of 100 orange and white cat names! Check them out!

Whether you choose to go with something traditional or unique, something based on kitty’s colors or personality, these orange and white cat names should help you out!

Your cute tabby deserves a very cool moniker, so we've come up with a list of 100 orange and white cat names! Check them out!

What are your favorite orange and white cat names? Share below!

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