If you’re on the hunt for some of the most sassy cat names for your cheeky kitty, we’ve got you covered!

Each of the 100 ideas below is inspired by some of the boldest and most brazen characters, historical figures, and more.

I just know you’re going to find the perfect fit below.

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If you're on the hunt for some of the most sassy cat names for your cheeky kitty, we've got you covered! Check out 100 ideas that are just loaded with spunk!

Sassy Cat Names For Males

  1. Admiral – because your cat knows how to rule.
  2. Aslan – after Narnia’s hero.
  3. Bart – Hebrew name meaning ‘son of Earth.’
  4. Bear – for the sassiest cat out there.
  5. Bolt – after the Disney star.
  6. Boomer – maybe your cat doesn’t really like a lot of things.
  7. Brutus – after Julius Caesar’s assassin.
  8. Bullet – great name for a very sassy cat.
  9. Buz – from the famous Disney movie.
  10. Champ – who’s your little champion?
  11. Chaz – English name meaning ‘free man.’
  12. Chopper – for one of the strongest cats out there.
  13. Dagger – an incredibly cool cat name.
  14. Diesel – simply a very sassy cat name!
  15. Duke – for the ruler your cat is.
  16. Echo – a very cool name for a great cat.
  17. Garfield – after the famous tabby cat.
  18. Harry – because a great cat needs a great name!
  19. Hendrix – after the famous singer.
  20. Hercules – because your cat is really strong.
  21. Highlander – from the famous 80’s movie.
  22. Ice – for a very cool cat indeed.
  23. Indiana – after the adventurer.
  24. Jax – English name meaning ‘God is gracious.’
  25. Jedi – for a noble cat.
  26. Joker – after the most famous villain.
  27. King – because your cat really is a king.
  28. Kong – for the mightiest cat!
  29. Lancelot – one of the Knights of the Round Table.
  30. Leo – for your little lion.
  31. Lucifer – for the mischievous cat that you have.
  32. Max – a very strong name for a cat.
  33. Moose – a cute name for a mischievous cat.
  34. Mysses – this name means ‘bringer of luck.’
  35. Neo – for the cat that comes out with something new every time.
  36. Nero – this name means black.
  37. Opal – for your precious gem.
  38. Petey – Greek name meaning ‘rock.’
  39. Ranger – for the cool cat you have there!
  40. Rex – meaning ‘king.’
  41. Riptide – for a very influential cat.
  42. Rocky – after the famous movie.
  43. Shadow – perfect name for a sassy black cat.
  44. Smokey – in case you have a perfectly gray cat.
  45. Snake – because he can get anywhere he wants.
  46. Spike – this name can be very accurate.
  47. Sylvester – after the Looney Tunes character.
  48. Thai – amazing name for a Siamese cat.
  49. Tugg – a very cool Scandinavian name.
  50. Yukon – from the Yukon River.

But what about the sassy ladies? Well, we have those too!

Sassy Cat Names For Females

  1. Olga – Norse name meaning ‘holy.’
  2. Ambrosia – after the gods’ favorite food.
  3. Andromeda – one of the most beautiful galaxies.
  4. Raven – perfect name for a black cat.
  5. Frannie – Latin name meaning ‘the free one.’
  6. Liberty – because your cat is definitely a sassy symbol.
  7. Koda – African name meaning ‘the ally.’
  8. Alexis – from the protector of men.
  9. Mystique – a great name for a very sassy cat.
  10. Leia – after Star Wars’ princess.
  11. Winter – for the coolest cat out there.
  12. Elektra – Greek name meaning ‘amber.’
  13. Ursula – after the Disney villain.
  14. Angelina – a very sassy cat name.
  15. Blizzard – because your cat sometimes comes like one.
  16. Avril – an English name meaning ‘spring.’
  17. Alaska – for the coolest and sassiest cat.
  18. Sassy – well, the name speaks for itself.
  19. Rogue – for a stealthy cat.
  20. Pepper – a very famous cat name.
  21. Vixen – for a ‘hot-headed’ cat.
  22. Punky – great name for a creative cat.
  23. Blaze – for the fiercest cat out there.
  24. Sheba – it means ‘kingdom’ in Arabic.
  25. Duchess – because that’s what your cat really is.
  26. Queenie – a sassy name for a noble cat.
  27. Codex – from Latin and it means ‘book.’
  28. Freya – for a very strong cat.
  29. Mercy – Latin name meaning ‘reward.’
  30. Astra – for the little star you have!
  31. Medusa – probably the sassiest name on our list.
  32. Jinx – English name meaning ‘charm.’
  33. Yuna – Japanese name meaning ‘dark river.’
  34. Justice – for the righteous one.
  35. Olympia – Greek name, also the Mountain of the Gods.
  36. Ursa – after the incredible constellation.
  37. Shadow – perfect name for a grey cat.
  38. Blitz – for a very fast cat.
  39. Amethyst – because your cat is a gem.
  40. Huntress – for the little hunter you have there!
  41. Echo – a very cool name for a sassy cat.
  42. Nyx – after the Greek goddess of the night.
  43. Roxy – American name meaning ‘dawn.’
  44. Harley – after the DC villain.
  45. Kaia – Norwegian name meaning ‘the sea.’
  46. Cleopatra – after the very popular Egyptian ruler.
  47. Xena – after the warrior princess.
  48. Katniss – the Hunger Games character.
  49. Indy – a beautiful name for a very sassy cat.
  50. Rebel – for the rebel cat you have!
If you're on the hunt for some of the most sassy cat names for your cheeky kitty, we've got you covered! Check out 100 ideas that are just loaded with spunk!

If these sassy cat names don’t help you find the perfect moniker for your bold kitty, I don’t know what will!

What are some of your favorite sassy cat names? Share below!