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Looking for some clever or meaningful 6-toed cat names?

We’ve got your back!

Below, you’ll find 100 awesome monikers for your sweet polydactyl kitty!

Let’s dive in!

6-Toed Cat Names for Males

polydactyl cat enjoying outdoors

Coming up with awesome polydactyl cat names was tricky, but we pulled it off!

We took inspiration from the number “6” in many ways, from different languages to flowers with 6 petals and more.

We also included a few “just plain great” names that have nothing to do with the number but that we really love.

Let’s get started!

  1. Aaron – Hebrew name meaning “miraculous.”
  2. Abasi Egyptian name for a serious kitten.
  3. Akira – Japanese name meaning “bright.”
  4. Alessandro – Italian name for a “defender.”
  5. Ambrossio Spanish name meaning “divine.”
  6. Anatoly Russian name for “sunrise.”
  7. Asparagus– the plant has six petals, did you know?
  8. Azizi – Egyptian name for “precious.”
  9. Barack – Swahili name meaning “miracle.”
  10. Baruch – Hebrew name meaning “miracle.”
  11. Benedict – English name meaning “blessing.”
  12. Bennett – Old English name meaning “miraculous.”
  13. Benzene– molecule with six carbon rings.
  14. Bellwort– another flower with six petals.
  15. Carbon– a perfect polydactyl black cat name, 6 is the atomic number for it.
  16. Chwech – Welsh for “six”
  17. Clint– after the Clintonia, a 6-petaled flower.
  18. Cohosh– yep, another 6-petaled flower!
  19. Dactyl– a little on the nose, but cute!
  20. David– there are six points on his star.
  21. Dae-jung Korean name meaning “mysterious.”
  22. Daiki – Japanese name meaning “glorious.”
  23. Dice– has six sides!
  24. Dirk – one of the German cat names for male, meaning “famous ruler.”
  25. Eijaz – Arabic name meaning “mysterious miracle.
  26. Ender – Turkish name meaning “very rare.”
  27. Fairuz – Arabic name meaning “unique.”
  28. Harshad– six is the largest Harshad number.
  29. Haneul – Korean name meaning “sky.”
  30. Harika – Turkish name meaning “miracle.”
  31. Hex– Hexa means six, and this is a good boy version.
  32. Ian Scottish name for a loved one.
  33. Lencho – Kenyan name for a lion.
  34. Loreto – this name refers to a unique one.
  35. Mathew – classic name meaning “miracle of the Lord.”
  36. Messier– after Messier object M6
  37. Mirakel – Danish name meaning “miracle.”
  38. Kuus– how the Estonians say “six.”
  39.  Mersenne– for the Mersenne prime in math.
  40. Oro – Spanish name meaning “gold.”
  41. Rangsey – Cambodian name meaning “colorful.”
  42. Renaldo – Spanish name meaning “ruler.”
  43. Sest – Croatian for the number six
  44. Solomon– Solomon’s Seal has 6 petals.
  45. Thaddeus – Greek name meaning “miracle.”
  46. Twiga – Kiswahili name meaning “different.”
  47. Ugo – Nigerian name for “eagle.”
  48. Ulrich – German name meaning “wolf.”
  49. Vladimir – Russian name meaning “prince.”
  50. Zes– Dutch for the number six.

While these are all cute cat names, I really love the ones that relate to the number six.

Harshad is clever if you’re a math whiz, for example!

6 Toed Cat Names for Females

Cute polydactyl ginger tabby cat sleeps on colorful blanket while covering face with large paws.
  1. Adhira – Sanskrit name meaning “restless.”
  2. Adita – Indian name for a special someone.
  3. Akemi – Japanese name meaning “beautiful.”
  4. Aksha – Sanskrit name meaning “miracle.”
  5. Alazne – Spanish name meaning “miracle.”
  6. Amara – Italian name that means “forever.”
  7. Amorita – Italian name for “little love.”
  8. Annipe – Egyptian name for the “daughter of the Nile.”
  9. Bala  – Indian name for a very strong one. This is one of the cat names that mean strong.
  10. Beatrix – very old name for a miraculous one.
  11. Bella– the Bellawort has six petals.
  12. Behati – African name for the bringer of happiness.
  13. Chantrea – Cambodian name meaning “moon.”
  14. Demetria – after the Greek Goddess of harvest.
  15. Dorothea – Victorian name meaning “miracle.”
  16. Ekaterina – Russian name meaning “pure.”
  17. Esagone– Corsican for “hexagon.”
  18. Farfalle – Italian name for a “butterfly.”
  19. Espie– after ESP, called the sixth sense.
  20. Gwyn – Welsh name meaning “unusual.”
  21. Hamisi – Somalian name meaning “special child.”
  22. Hepatica– a flower with six petals.
  23. Hyacinth – after the flower
  24. Indra – after the Indian God of rain and fire.
  25. Isii-means “six” in Igbo.
  26. Kameko – Japanese name meaning “superior.”
  27. Kamilah – Egyptian name meaning “perfect.”
  28. Karima – Arabic name for “noble.”
  29. Karishma – Indian name meaning “magical.”
  30. Keemaya – Indian name for a “walking miracle.”
  31. Lily– also has six petals.
  32. Maia – after the Greek Goddess of spring.
  33. Marvel French name meaning “miracle.”
  34. Mavisha – Arabic name meaning “miracle of life.”
  35. Mefa– Yoruba for the number six.
  36. Mehr – Arabic name that means “God’s miracle.”
  37. Mikelle Latin name meaning “wonder.”
  38. Milagros – Spanish name meaning “lovely.”
  39. Mireya – Spanish name for “miracle.”
  40. Mirielle – French name meaning “miraculous.”
  41. Polly– for Polydactyl
  42. Priya – Indian name meaning “love.”
  43. Ruwa – Arabic name meaning “beauty.”
  44. Sabra – Egyptian name for a “patient” cat.
  45. Sachi – Japanese name meaning “mysterious miracle.”
  46. Shida– Hausa for the number.
  47. Sia– Scots Gaelic for “six.”
  48. Sisy– the Sisyrinchium albidum has six petals.
  49. Sitta– Maltese for the number.
  50. Six– after the character on Blossom.


Again, the names that really represent or relate to the number 6 are my favorites.

I love Sia! It’s beautiful and meaningful.

What are your favorite 6-toed cat names? Share below!

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