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If you’re looking for some incredibly elegant aesthetic cat names, you’re in the right place!

Below, we’ll look at 100 ideas, split evenly between males and females.

First, though, let’s talk about what we actually mean by “aesthetic” when it comes to naming your new kitten.

aesthetic Explained

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, to be honest.

When I hear that word, I think of the noun, meaning “a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.”

However, the word can also be used as an adjective, meaning “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.”

“Ah!” I said, “So, you’re looking for some of the most beautiful cat names?”

“Yes!” she said. “I want an elegant cat name that really says ‘beautiful!’ You know, aesthetically pleasing!”

Okay, so now we’re getting somewhere!

With that in mind, I came up with 100 ideas that either mean beauty and elegance, or are just plain beautiful.

Take a look at what I came up with, then tell me if you agree with my picks!

Aesthetic Cat Names For Females

100 Aesthetic Cat Names for Your Beautiful Kitty
  1. Addison – Old English name after the son of Adam.
  2. Ambrosia – after the God’s favorite drink!
  3. Amethyst – one of the most aesthetically pleasing gems!
  4. Anastasia – for the fanciest cat out there.
  5. Angelica – an aesthetic cat name meaning ‘angel.’
  6. Aphrodite– the most beautiful Greek goddess of all!
  7. Audrey – Audrey Hepburn was so elegant!
  8. Aurora -for your Sleeping Beauty!
  9. Ava Latin name representing all purity.
  10. Bella – Italian name meaning ‘beautiful.’
  11. Buffy – Hebrew name meaning ‘pledge to God.’
  12. Chantilly – the prettiest lace of all.
  13. Charlotte French name for a cute kitten.
  14. Coco – a very inspiring name, and perfect for a black or brown cat.
  15. Cordelia – one of the fanciest names possible.
  16. Daenerys – after the famous Game of Thrones queen.
  17. Daisy – for a precious and white kitten!
  18. Darcy – a beautiful, Irish name for a black kitten.
  19. Diamond – because she is your precious jewel.
  20. Diva – for the fanciest cat out there.
  21. Duchess – perfect, especially if you think about the Aristocats.
  22. Eloise – famous French name, perfect for a fancy cat.
  23. Elsa – after the most famous Disney princess.
  24. Emerald – perfect name for a precious kitten.
  25. Eva – after the first woman to roam the world.
  26. Fancy – this name says it all!
  27. Freya – after the Norse Goddess.
  28. Gabriella – this name represents a messenger of God.
  29. Galina – a Greek name meaning ‘mermaid.’
  30. Ghirlandata– name of a popular aesthetic painting.
  31. Gracie – perfect aesthetic name for a graceful kitten.
  32. Gucci – talking about aesthetic names, this is purrfect!
  33. Guinevere – a Welsh name for a pure, white cat.
  34. Harmony – one of the best aesthetic names for a cat!
  35. Harper – English name for a very gracious harp player.
  36. Isabella – one of the most beautiful cat names.
  37. Jasmine – for a beautiful, white cat.
  38. Jewel – because she is your precious gem!
  39. Lady – well, she is a lady, isn’t she?
  40. Lora Spanish name for a winner.
  41. Mariya – Muslim name meaning ‘pure.’
  42. Moon – beautiful name for a black cat.
  43. Olympia – think about the most famous Greek mountain.
  44. Opal – perfect name for a white cat!
  45. Pandora – a Greek name, after the first man ever created by Zeus.
  46. Paris – after the best city in the world!
  47. Persephone – one of the most popular Greek names, for a real fighter!
  48. Queen – perfect name for the cute royalty you have.
  49. Rose – pretty name for a gracious cat.
  50. Victoria – this name is for a victorious kitten!

They’re all such beautiful aesthetic cat names (that’s the point, after all), it’s hard to choose a favorite.

I really love Audrey, though!

Aesthetic Cat Names For Males

We're sharing 100 of the most beautiful and elegant aesthetic cat names ever, split evenly for boys & girls. Take a look!
  1. Adler – after the famous psychologist.
  2. Alcott – Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘dweller.’
  3. Alfred – after Bruce Wayne’s butler.
  4. Ambassador – for the ruler of your house!
  5. Archibald Germanic name meaning ‘precious.’
  6. Ashton – English name, perfect for a grey cat.
  7. Atlas – Greek name meaning carrier.
  8. Augustus – for a cute kitten born in August.
  9. Beau– masculine word for beautiful in French.
  10. Bentley – English name, purely aesthetic.
  11. Berlin – beautiful and strong name for a cat!
  12. Bernard – aesthetic name for a very strong kitten!
  13. Blake – fancy name from the Old English, perfect for a black cat.
  14. Bond – after the best secret agent in the world!
  15. Cain– Welsh for “elegant.”
  16. Carlson – one of the most perfect cat names!
  17. Chandler – English name meaning ‘candlemaker.’
  18. Chester – for the one who lives in a fortress.
  19. Dante- after the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  20. Desmond Irish name for a very pretentious kitten.
  21. Dickens – after the famous writer.
  22. Dotore– means elegant in Basque.
  23. Duke – for the little royalty you have.
  24. Edward – English name meaning ‘prosperous.’
  25. Espresso – extra fancy name for a black or brown cat.
  26. Figaro – cutest possible name, with an important significance.
  27. Forrest – after the famous movie character.
  28. Francois – French name for a free-spirited cat.
  29. Gatsby – the most opulent and elegant book of all time.
  30. Gibson – English name meaning ‘bright pledge.’
  31. Jones– after aesthetics artist Edward Burne-Jones
  32. Keats – English name for a greedy cat.
  33. Krasna– Czech for “beautiful”
  34. Kennedy – English name meaning ‘helmet.’
  35. Lancelot – after the most famous knight.
  36. Leighton– an artistic cat name after artist Frederic Leighton
  37. Matisse – French name meaning ‘gift of God.’
  38. Midnight – perfect aesthetic name for a black cat.
  39. Monet – after the famous Claude Monet.
  40. Morgan– after artist William de Morgan
  41. Mozart – after the famous composer.
  42. Othello – Italian name meaning ‘rich and prosperous.’
  43. Perry – English aesthetic cat name.
  44. Picasso – after the famous painter.
  45. Prince – well, he is a prince, right?
  46. Romeo – beautiful and romantic name for an aesthetic cat.
  47. Shakespeare – after the world’s greatest dramatist.
  48. Tiberius – Latin name for an Emperor!
  49. Whistler– one of the most popular artists in the aesthetics movement.
  50. Zarif– Turkish for elegant.


Aesthetic cat names are a popular choice for cat lovers who want their pet’s name to be both beautiful and unique. There’s an aesthetic cat name for every personality.

We hope you were able to browse through our list and found the perfect aesthetic cat name for your furry friend!

What are your favorite aesthetic cat names? Share below!

We're sharing 100 of the most beautiful and elegant aesthetic cat names ever, split evenly for boys & girls. Take a look!
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