Looking for some of the cutest white kitten names for your new feline friend?

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Below, we came up with 100 ideas inspired by their snowy-colored fur.

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50 White Male Kitten Names

different color-eyed white Russian cat suitable for white kitten name
  1. Advocaat: a type of liquor made from egg, sugar and brandy. Cute, right?
  2. Alpine: this nature-inspired cat name actually means “fair skin.”
  3. Alabaster: a white stone that is used to make statues.
  4. Angelo: short for the white flower, Angelonia.
  5. Baltas: “white” in Lithuanian.
  6. Bacopa: it’s a pretty white flower.
  7. Bailey: this word means sheriff or overseer.
  8. Bily: means “white” in Czech.
  9. Birch: after the tree with white bark.
  10. Blanco: it means “white” in Spanish.
  11. Blizzard: for a cat so white, you can just get lost in his fur!
  12. Bone: a cute Halloween or medical-inspired name for a white cat!
  13. Casper: this title allure money. 
  14. Chowder: a unique name after a soup. 
  15. Coconut: for the tasty fruit that’s white on the inside.
  16. Cottonball: a white-colored ball of cotton 
  17. Cosmo: after the white flower, or the cosmos.
  18. Dove: it is the name of a feathered friend who attracts calmness.
  19. Everest: a sky-high mountain covered in white-colored snow.
  20. Feher: means “white” in Hungarian.
  21. Finn: an Irish name that means light-colored.
  22. Fog: it’s made of white clouds, one of the cutest cloud names for cats.
  23. Furby: after the popular toy from the early 2000s
  24. Glacier: a wintry name for your white cat.
  25. Grigio: for Pinot Grigio white wine.
  26. Igloo: after the hut made from snow.
  27. Ivory: English roots and means chalk white.
  28. Malcolm: an admirer of a Christian named St. Columba.
  29. Mayo: this is one of the funniest names inspired by food!
  30. Marshmallow: a tasty fluffy food name for cats!
  31. Moscato: a type of white wine.
  32. Milky Way: after our galaxy or the candy, you decide!
  33. Phantom: originates from the US and is defined as a pure spirit.
  34. Pinot: for the white wine.
  35. Oryx: a unique cat name inspired by the Arabian Oryx animal.
  36. Panda: a good name for a white kitten with a touch of black fur.
  37. Puti: a title that means a miniature fish.
  38. Sauvignon: a sophisticated name for wine lovers.
  39. Semillon: another type of white wine.
  40. Shiro: in Japanese, it translates to white.
  41. Steel: this word describes as diligent.
  42. Snow: a rain of frozen water droplets.
  43. Snowball: a popular name, but still cute!
  44. Swiss: a tiny name of Switzerland.
  45. Tofu: a funny food-inspired name, it’s white in color.
  46. Winter: a time of cold weather. 
  47. Wizard: present of the almighty.
  48. Yang: a Chinese name that implies brightness.
  49. Zinger: a spirit of exuberant nature.
  50. Zima: this term describes as chilly weather.

50 White Female Kitten Names

white kitten covered by a pink blanket
  1. Alaska: the snowiest state.
  2. Alyssum– after the sweet white flower.
  3. Amarula: a liqueur made from the Marula tree, sugar, cream
  4. Angel: some say they’re made of pure white light.
  5. Angelonia: a white bloom
  6. Aurora: this means the first light of the day. 
  7. Azalea: a gorgeous white flower.
  8. Bianca: it is defined as white.
  9. Bunny: after the cute fluffy animal
  10. Cream Puff: another cute food name for a cat
  11. Daisy: a tempting name after a white flower.
  12. Diamond: for a rescue cat made of tough stuff!
  13. Eleanor: a Hebrew origin that means shine.
  14. Elurra: means “snow” in Basque
  15. Elsa: after the princess from Frozen.
  16. Feta: a bit of a cheesy name (yep, we went there).
  17. Fluffy: a name that represents a joyous character.
  18. Freya: a pure-hearted name 
  19. Frost: frozen ice.
  20. Gardenia: another beautiful flower-inspired name.
  21. Glory: this title captivates euphoria.
  22. Icy: a name after cold and white ice.
  23. Ivory: for the slightly off-white color.
  24. Jasmine: this word means an offering from God.
  25. January: one of the snowiest months of the year.
  26. Lobelia– another beautiful white bloom.
  27. Luna: it represents the crescent moon.
  28. Lily: it stands for decency and clarity.
  29. Lizzie: a beautiful name and defined as the creator’s word of honor.
  30. Myna: for the mostly-white bird, Bali Myna.
  31. Nemesia: my favorite out of all the flower-inspired white kitten names.
  32. Neve: means white in Corsican.
  33. Minnesota: another beautifully snowy state in the US
  34. Mozzarella: another cute name for cheese-lovers.
  35. Pearl: a beautiful milky-white gem.
  36. Pebbles: a cute name that signifies tiny stones.
  37. Peony: another stunning ivory bloom.
  38. Petunia: a white flower.
  39. Riesling: a beautiful name of a type of white wine.
  40. Shasta: if Daisy is too obvious, go with this type of the bloom.
  41. Snowflake: small droplets that take birth in clouds 
  42. Snow White: for the Disney princess.
  43. Star: a constellation in the sky.
  44. Sugar: a sweet name for a kitten
  45. Swan: an elegant white bird.
  46. Twinkle: to sparkle like a star.
  47. Vanilla: a pleasant and affectionate name.
  48. Whisper: for your quiet little kitten, or an ironic name for a noisy cat!
  49. Yuki: the birthplace of japan and represents blizzard.
  50. Zuri: roots of Swahili and defined as pretty.

I am having a hard time choosing a favorite for boys, but I’m madly in love with Riesling for a girl. Actually, that’s pretty gender-neutral, so it works for both!

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