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Welcome to our long list of cat names starting with B!

Let’s preface the article by asking you to close your eyes and picture what the letter B brings to mind.

For us we thought about “boy, blue, break, bison, brown, and brawn”.

Quite weird and diverse, but can somehow all be linked back to animals!

Maybe you just like the letter B or everyone else in the family has this letter somewhere in their names, but for whatever the reason, we hope our list will provide you with some good and inspiring ideas.

Cat Names That Start with B For Males

Welcome to our long list of cat names starting with B! We've got 100 ideas, with 50 each for males and females, all starting with the 2nd letter of the alphabet!

For our male cat names that start with the letter B, we (as usual) took inspiration from everywhere imaginable!

Famous characters in literature and fiction, places around the world, food, and even just plain cool words—you name it, we were inspired by it.

Take a look at what we came up with!

  1. Boo – You can double it up making it “Boo Boo” to up the cuteness factor. In slang it means your other half, however, it is used, it’s an affectionate title.
  2. Big Boy – Look at that, a double B name!
  3. Buddy – Quite an overall reference people use for males, why not turn it into a name itself?
  4. Boots – Puss in Boots! Who could forget the animated version in Shrek that came with those adorable and large watery eyes that no one can resist? We feel Ragdolls often possess this same feature.
  5. Brock – Meaning “badger” in Old English, Brock represents strength and resilience.
  6. Bear – Is that a cat or is it a bear? Lots of fluffy felines resemble bears nowadays.
  7. Bandit – Cute for black cats with a white marking somewhere on his cute little face.
  8. Bentley – The expensive car that spawns expensive tastes. If your cat is picky, this is a good choice.
  9. Biscuit – For the biscuit and cream-colored cats.
  10. Bowie – For David Bowie. Some cats can have wild hair and a wild personality to match this icon.
  11. Bodhi – A very spiritual word, meaning enlightenment.
  12. Benji – It was a famous dog, but who says a cat can’t have the same name?
  13. Butterscotch – Another cute name to choose for the color of your cat
  14. Boston– Like the city
  15. Buttons – Quite generic but cute nonetheless, especially if your cat has a cute button nose.
  16. Bryce – Derived from a Scottish surname, Bryce means “speckled” or “spotted,” representing a cat with a distinctive coat pattern.
  17. Blaise/Blaze – Great for the singed grey look, black fur or even fiery reddish-orange.
  18. Benson– Literally means “Ben’s son,” funny if you’re named Ben!
  19. Bowser – We love this one due to the Mario Brother’s character.
  20. Biggie – For Biggie Smalls, or even for a cat with a small stature.
  21. Brownie – For the brown-colored cat or one with spots.
  22. Beecher – With English origins, Beecher means “beech tree,” symbolizing stability and endurance.
  23. Basil – A cute herbal name for a kitty!
  24. Baloo – Have you seen or read The Jungle Book?
  25. Baklava– A super sweet dessert name for kitties.
  26. Buttermilk– A great food name for a creamy colored cat.
  27. Bakari – Noble oath
  28. Banana – For the yellow cats that are so sweet on the inside.
  29. Baconbit – An adorable food!
  30. Bane– A long-awaited child, great if you’ve waited all your life to get a cat!
  31. Bolt – A lot of cats possess a broken tail that may resemble a lightning bolt. This is when that name will come in handy.
  32. Beast – With the claws and the sharp teeth and the hissing, your cat is quite the beast!
  33. Brazil– like the South American country!
  34. Bagaha – A city in India
  35. Brody – Originating from Gaelic, Brody means “ditch” or “muddy place,” signifying a playful and adventurous nature.
  36. Beau– A sweetheart
  37. Bennet – A posh-sounding hipster cat name.
  38. Blake – Means dark-haired, perfect for a black cat.
  39. Baltimore – A city in Maryland, and a darn cool cat cat.
  40. Boone – Means a blessing.
  41. Baen – Means fair-skinned, so great for white cats!
  42. Baker – It represents a skilled and resourceful individual, perfect for a cat who loves to explore and find hidden treasures.
  43. Bali – An Indonesian island.
  44. Barrin – Means a noble fighter.
  45. Blackberry – Another cute food name for a dark kitty.
  46. Bedwyr An Arthurian name, he returned Excalibur to the lake.
  47. Bacardi – It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!
  48. Bailey – For that little Irish cream cat!
  49. Benet – Means “brave as a bear”
  50. Bugle – After the instrument or the salty snack, you choose!

I wonder if you can think of any cartoon or famous movie cats with names that start with B, or any of your favorite characters you feel should have been included?

While a few of the names above are pretty gender-neutral (like Bailey), we have another list just for girls!

Cat Names That Start with B For Females

Welcome to our long list of cat names starting with B! We've got 100 ideas, with 50 each for males and females, all starting with the 2nd letter of the alphabet!
  1. Bella – For Bella Swan, the lovely female lead in the Twilight series. A black or white cat would benefit from this name.
  2. Bitsy – We always found this to be quite the hoity-toity name for the hoity-toity cat.
  3. Belle – Meaning beautiful.
  4. Bubbles – For the bubbly and friendly cat. For some reason, we picture a kitten with bright blue eyes.
  5. Bellatrix – For Bellatrix Lestrange, in Harry Potter. Bonus points if you can trace her lineage in the family tree.
  6. Buttercup – For the creamy yellow kittens that are nothing but sweet.
  7. Beverly – means “beaver stream” and symbolizes adaptability and industriousness.
  8. Bliss – The feeling you get when you snuggle your kitty,
  9. BB – Meaning small and mini, sort of like baby.
  10. Beans – Maybe your dog is a little bit magic!
  11. Bijou – A small jewel just like the kitten in your life.
  12. Blueberry – While we know that cats aren’t blue, the Russian blue is the closest thing and this would make a very befitting name.
  13. Babycakes – A very cute and endearing name.
  14. Banshee – Cats can make lots of noise if they want to with their constant meowing, especially during mating season, similar to a banshee.
  15. Blanche – For cute white cats that deserve the name.
  16. Basha – It’s an exotic version of Barbara.
  17. Baha – Means value
  18. Blondie – For the blonde (yellowish or cream) cats.
  19. Bettina – means “God’s promise” and represents a cat who brings joy and fulfillment.
  20. Bonita – Meaning pretty or beautiful, your cat is the apple of your eye and their name should only reflect that.
  21. Buffy – Kind of like the vampire slayer, a cat has a lot to do with these dark creatures she hunts.
  22. Bisous – Meaning “kiss” in French. Have you ever had those rough kisses from your cat before?
  23. Beauty – Quite literal, but to the point.
  24. Brooke – from the English word for a small stream. It signifies a cat who is graceful, gentle, and has a peaceful nature.
  25. Baby Spice – We found this one to be quite cute for Spice Girl lovers out there and ones in possession of a cute kitten.
  26. Bambi – After the little doe-eyed deer that captured all our hearts.
  27. Butterscotch – A popular name for yellowish kitties
  28. Berlin – The German city.
  29. Brownie – Another one inspired by sweet treats.
  30. Brittany – A cute and perky cheerleader name.
  31. Bryna – A female version of Brian
  32. Bellary – A city in India
  33. Bonnie – From Zootopia
  34. Batavia – Sound exotic, but it’s actually a town in Montana (& NY and OH).
  35. Bianca – Means “white.”
  36. Bridget – An Irish goddess of poetry and wisdom.
  37. Barbie – After the doll, of course.
  38. Beatriz – A fun take on Beatrice.
  39. Betty – Perfect for a white cat! Get it? Betty White?
  40. Bathilda – A great warrior name.
  41. Belka – Means squirrel, which makes it funny.
  42. Berid – Means splendid and smart.
  43. Brea – GenX kids remember how popular this one was!
  44. Brooklyn – Like the city.
  45. Belleair – A town in Florida.
  46. Berkeley – Like the city in CA.
  47. Biloxi – A great gender-neutral city-inspired name.
  48. Bolanle – Means “finds wealth at home.”
  49. Bonny-Lee – Pretty or charming.
  50. Brylee – It’s just pretty!


While going through our name lists, one thing that is very helpful is to first find your direction by identifying whether you want to name your cat after physical attributes or personality.

For boys, we liked Bowser, as we mentioned before and Boo as well as Baloo.

On the other side of the coin, for little girls, we enjoyed Bijou, BB, and Belle. All names for a dainty cat.

Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

Welcome to our long list of cat names starting with B! We've got 100 ideas, with 50 each for males and females, all starting with the 2nd letter of the alphabet!
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