Looking for some great Valentine’s Day cat mom gifts for your special someone?

These 10 ideas are the purrfect way to say I love you!

As a pet parent myself, I can say that I’d be thrilled to receive any of these adorable presents!

I always love an opportunity to tell the world how much my kitties mean to me!

Check them out, then tell us which one you love the most!

If your true love is both a cat and a dog lover, check out these fabulous Valentine’s Day dog mom gift ideas, too!

Looking for some great Valentine's Day cat mom gifts for your special someone? These 10 ideas are the purrfect way to say I love you!

10 Valentine’s Day Cat Mom Gifts

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1. Cat Mama T-Shirt with Heart


Womens Cute Cat Mama T-Shirt With A Red Heart

Let’s start with one of my favorites!

This “Cat Mama” shirt with a red heart is perfect for Valentine’s Day but still “evergreen” enough to wear it year round!

Buy it Here

2. Best Cat Mom Ever Mug

Best Cat Mom Ever With A paw print coffee mug


Give the gift of coffee to your Valentine this year with this cat mom mug.

It goes great with the Best Cat Mom t-shirt featured below!

Buy It Here

3. Kawaii Cat Pile Mug

Kawaii Cat Pile Coffee Mug

While this one doesn’t specifically say “cat mom,” it’s one of my favorites!

Isn’t that just about the cutest pile of cats ever?

Buy it Here


4.Best Cat Mom Ever With A paw print T-Shirt

Best Cat Mom Ever With A paw print T-Shirt

We can’t talk about Valentine’s Day cat mom gift ideas without sharing this one!

It doesn’t get much clearer than that, now does it?

Buy It Here

5. I Like Cats and Maybe 3 People Funny Cat Mom T-shirt

I like cats and maybe 3 people

This funny cat mom t-shirt says it all. You feel what I’m saying?

Buy it Here

5. Crazy Cat Lady: Funny Cat Lover Mug

Crazy Cat Lady Funny Cat Lover Mug

Once upon a time, being called a crazy cat lady was considered an insult.

We say “psh” to that! We’re taking it back and turning it into a complement with this funny mug!

Buy it In Our Shop

7. My Cat is my Valentine

My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt

Grab this one for that proud single lady in your life, because as long as you have a cat, you have a Valentine!

Also makes a great gift idea for yourself! Hey, there’s no rule that says Valentine’s Day cat mom gifts have to go to someone else!

Buy it Here

8. Proud Cat Mom Coffee Mug

Cute Proud Cat Mom Coffee Mug With A Paw Print On The Side


Isn’t this the perfect mug for a proud cat mom who loves her coffee?

Buy it Here

9. Heart with Cats T-Shirt

This pretty shirt is full of pink and black cats in the shape of a heart, adorable right?!

Buy it Here


10. Funny Cat Mother Wine Lover Mug

Funny Cat Mother Wine Lover Mug

This hilarious mug is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day cat mom gifts!

Buy it In Our Shop

Having a hard time deciding on just one? Remember, if you buy from our , you can free shipping on order $50 and up! Grab yourself a couple of them!

Don’t forget to check out all the other fun Valentine’s Day cat mom gifts, too!

Which one of these Valentine’s Day cat mom gifts is your favorite? Comment below!


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